Monday, October 16, 2006

Ethics 101

There have been a few times in my life where I have faced a minor ethical dilemma and one of the key factors in pushing me to the 'right' choice is what I do for a living.

I have been undercharged for things and corrected them. I have been given too much change and gone BACK in to hand over the extra (laziness not greed was pulling me to the 'bad' choice as I really didn't want to get out of the car and drag myself back into the store).

The one time I didn't do the right thing was as I was being rung up in the express lane with a few items the kid moved the ice cream around the scanner and told me he was pissed at management so I should have some ice cream on him. I had a raging headache and was thoroughly exhausted and remember thinking, "Oh man, why did he have to do this to me? Now I have to do the right thing... but then this kid gets fired... sooooooo..." by the time I reasoned the whole thing out I was already home with my free ice cream.

So my question to all of you is, when you are trying on jeans at the second hand store and you find money in the pocket do you:

1) Hand in the money
b) Keep the money; leave the jeans
or) Get the jeans, keep the money.


revabi said...

Oh man what a problem. Poor kid.
But I think I would have to go back and pay the money some way or another. Usually the store will say, gee not everyone comes back with this one, they usually will come back with an overcharge. But perhaps you need to pastor the kid about responsibility and work, and he didn't do it. And perhaps you will need to tell his boss in some way that he works it out, or suggest before the kid gets himself in deep trouble and gets charged with embezelling the money, suggest he quit and get another job somewhere else, and work his attitude. I don't know. Its a hard one.

Listing Straight said...

Not hard.

$5 and under.
Buy the jeans and keep the money. It's the money of the person who donated the jeans, and they gave them away without checking.

Over $5
Buy the jeans and keep the money. Do something nice. Maybe give it away. Something ridiculous. Enjoy.

reverendmother said...

Buy the jeans and use the money to buy some tuna.

...You're the tuna church, right?

will smama said...

Um yeah... Abi... I... uh... actually didn't do any of that. I went home, ate ice cream and put my headache to bed.

Anonymous said...

hmm... I would get the jeans (if they fit) and give the money to the first homeless person on the street I see.

If the jeans didn't fit, I'd probably hand in the money.

Lorna said...

ethics 101 made simple (grin)

If the jeans fit, buy them. Use the money (however much it is) for a good cause. If the second hand store is goodwill you can put the money in their donations box. If not, then you are the tuna church, so a crate of tuna me thinks :)

revabi said...

WS I would have probably done the same thing have gone home, cried, buried my head eaten ice cream or ate chocolate.

I forgot about the Tuna.