Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ethics 102b - Part II

I wanted to fill in the back story (and the ending) of the post below.

Yesterday I had a bunch of errands to do and found myself at a fast food chain for lunch (I justified this by concluding that their yummy shake would feel very good on my throat). In front of me in line was a VERY pregnant woman lugging her 30+ pound toddler. She came up short cash-wise and so I threw 2 bucks up on the counter. It was too crowded for her to argue so off we both went.

My next errand was the secondhand clothing store. I needed a couple more pair of jeans to bring down with me on the mission trip I am going on at the end of the week. As I tried a pair of jeans I put my hand in the pocket and felt something. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head about what might be in there and I kind of flinched as I pulled my hand out. Of course you already know that I pulled out money and you have probably guessed it was - yup - 2 bucks.

There was a Seinfeld episode once about how some folks just break even when it comes to losing and getting money. I think this was just fun coincidence.

So here is how I handled it. I was buying the jeans so I kept the $2. I admittedly did not put it back in the pocket but rather in my own pocket. If I was not going to buy the jeans, I would have left it in the pocket. That way it could be a pleasant surprise for the next person (kind of like putting pennies on the ground face up so that kids can find them).

Now what if it weren't $2 but was $50? Easy, I would have bought the jeans - whether they fit or not - and considered it a sign from God that I was supposed to also buy the leather jacket that I looked PHEN-OM-EN-AL in but remained disciplined and did not purchase. ;)

And um, some tuna like you all suggested!


Listing Straight said...

Life is good.

You are phenomenal.

hipastorzwife2B said...

My Mother-in-law believes it is bad luck to give away a purse with no money in it, so she tucks in a little money whether its a present or going to Goodwill. Maybe your Jeans-patron believes the same way.
In the same way I try to remember to put a little money in my coat pocket at the end of the season and today...voila $5!

cheesehead said...

This is awesome.

ppolarbear said...

wow sort of makes me a karma believer.

Lorna said...

grin... thanks for the rest of the story

Preacher Mom said...

Coincidence - when God chooses to remain anonymous!

juniper68 said...

thanks for the story. i'm glad you helped that other mom out, and I'm glad you kept the money. (btw, what does it say about me that keeping the money doesnt seem like even a little bit of an ethical situation, but in fact seems like common sense, whether you buy the jeans or not?)

Sue said...

I love it when stuff like that happens!!