Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gone South

So this will be my last post for over a week. I leave this morning for D'Iberville, Mississippi in order to help in the continued rebuilding effort from Hurricane Katrina.

I am excited and nervous. The bus ride is 20 hours over two days and my small group gets on there last so I am guessing I am going to have to find a way to pretend I don't smell the bathroom. Of course the good news is we will be the first ones dropped off on the way home.

Actually the real reason why I am nervous is because I will be unveiling my knitting project to the public for the first time. My hope is that I get at least a good chunk into it before I screw it up so badly that it needs to receive TLC from my Mom.

As a former Youth Director this will be my first adult mission trip and I am hoping the other folks going from my church will be patient as I adjust to not having to worry about what other adults do. We already had our first laugh over it when I suggested that we meet the group where they are going to initially leave from in order to bond with them. The adults kindly suggested that 20 hours down on the bus would most likely provide enough bonding opportunities thank you very much.

TDH has also been running drills with me:
TDH: "What do you do if during the road trip someone from your group runs across the street to a different restaurant?"
WS: "Um threaten to have their parents pick them up? No, no that's not it - leave them alone!
Let them go!"
TDH: Good. Now what happenes if someone is late for the bus one morning?
WS: Assign them the chore of cleaning out the bus... no wait... it's their problem, not mine.
TDH: Phew, that was close but you got it right in the end.

I am hoping that I won't have to worry about what to do when you realize that people are honking at you because they are being mooned by half of the people in your vehicle (but that's a story for another day).

From what I hear my days will be filled with dry walling and painting although I am hoping to spend one afternoon connecting with a friend who I hear is in need of crucial pastoral support worthy of my time away from my assigned project.

My main job is to keep myself as busy as possible so I don't have time to think about The Boy who I am sure will learn how to talk in complete sentences, begin running 5k's, and rise to the top of his field in chemical engineering while I am away. I am hoping the good-bye at the bus will not be too heart wrenching.

Have a great week friends, Peace.


see-through faith said...

Bless you :)

You (and the boy) will do just fine :)

Kathryn said...

As Lorna said, you'll be fine (but wait till I'm saying Goodbye to mine as I leave for my month in India). Take our love to the South...I'm still trying to find a way of getting there. Safe journey and God bless.x

Songbird said...

Wish I could be going, too!
What will you do if your group members start making out on the bus? ;-)

Cathy said...

Have a good trip and "enjoy" being a regular person instead of one being in charge of teenagers.

And enjoy your time with your friend.

Preacher Mom said...

Godspeed on your journey!

ppolarbear said...

Do you want us to continue to test you?

What do you do if you discover a group member with cigarettes in his bag?

Be very careful...this is a double question.

Sue said...

Enjoy your mission trip and give a big ole hug to your friend.

Is this the kind of crowd that will sing for all 20 hours on the bus? If so, I'm sending "serenity now" vibes your way.

cheesehead said...

What will you do if two members of your group zip their sleeping bags together when they think you are asleep on the floor right next to them?


Give your friend a hug from me, too.

Girl said...

I was wondering if you were going to be able to detox from your youth minister days.

Hope it goes well.

St. Casserole said...

Yippee! So glad you are coming down!

lutheranmom said...

Have a safe trip!!

Questing Parson said...

Have a wonderful trip.

Please note above how Songbird keeps letting titbits of past experience slip out.