Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Picture of the Week

This will be the last vacation related post, I promise.

On Monday morning I woke up at the same time I would normally wake up to take care of The Boy only The Boy was spending quality time with Gram at the beach and I was in NYC. So I left a note for TDH and took off for the taping of The Today Show.

I had done that before with a friend of mine and it is pretty fun. All of the segments outside are done at various places around the crowd so the key is to use the time Al Roker is filming his weather in one spot to get a prime front row location in another spot.

The concert series that day featured The Doodlebops; a Disney tv show creation featuring young folks who dreamed of being Broadway or rock n' roll stars but instead are having their faces painted every day and their instruments unplugged so that they don't interfere with the music playback.

Another guest that day was Billy Bob Thornton and my first nominee for Picture of the Week would be the one that happened off camera as Billy Bob ran over to the Doodlebops in order to have his picture taken with them. Iw. To me it was the same as if Pamela Anderson ran over to have her picture taken with Santa's elves.

Some groups should just not intermingle.

I got that picture but only on my cell phone and only from the back (if you happen to have that episode on tape I was behind the Doodlebops to the far right wearing a green hat and a red shirt).

So instead of that weird moment I offer this as my pick for Picture of the Week:


Listing Straight said...

I hope that this one is on a frame on your desk. It is just lovely. (Dare I say, wonder-full?) Vacation posts are good...

Songbird said...

Oh, great picture!!

ppolarbear said...

awesome snap.

Preacher Mom said...

Gee, I might have actually seen you that day, only I think I left the room around the time the Doodlebops were on. (No offense, but I see enough of them already!)

And great picture!

revabi said...

Thank you for saving us the picture of the Doodlebops and Billie Bob Thornton.

Love the backs of you two heading toward the water.

Midnight Show x0 said...

Hey there,

I was at the Today show that day as well. I was there for the Doodlebops! haha. gotta support my friends. I got on TV a few times too...I had a huge sign for them that took me forever to make. Not sure if I saw u.

Anyways, I was wondering if u still had that pic of Billy Bob and the Doodlebops? If u could email me here (slange87@gmail.com) that would be great. thank you!

-- Stephanie*

A. Lin said...

You got to see the Doodlebops in person? What can I say? I'm jealous. :)