Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Do I Really Have to Love Them?

9:56 pm and someone is on the phone to whine about church stuff... this time to TDH who is our Christian Educator.

How long does it take to become a certified electrician?


Songbird said...

At 9:56? That's ridiculous.

Pink Shoes said...

At 9:56? No, you don't have to love anyone from church, unless they've just died.

Lorna said...

Yes you do!

You - and we - have to love them. when we see them through Jesus' eyes it's easier. Wish we could just put on glasses though - it would make it all a lot easier.

((((will smama)))))

ppolarbear said...

I think it's about a year, but I'd rather become a pet psychologist.

And TDH should say that he was in the middle of something very important with the pastor, could he call her back at, say, 2 a.m.?

Preacher Mom said...

Talk about a complete lack of respect for persons and boundaries!! I can't say I'd be feelinig warm fuzzies myself.

Don't know that I'd try for electrician, though. They get called out at all hours of the night, too. There's gotta be some line of work where people leave you alone, at least at bedtime!

Gord said...

Love them? Yes.
Like them? Up for grabs.

ANd what constitutes a Christian Education crisis that can't wait until the next day? Really now. BUt I do like ppb's suggestion--imagine the stories such a response could generate!

more cows than people said...

ooh... ditto on so many of the comments above.

love the suggestion ppb.

and i'm with gord- love them- yes; like them- when possible.

i shared the flowers story with my secretary today and she totally got it. she's an active lay member in her methodist church and was preparing to share something she's unhappy about from their last newsletter (totally legitimate), but waiting for the right time and the right words. no sunday morning or 9:56 P.M. bombshells from her. she's loveable and likeable.

hope you have day off coming!

will smama said...

Thanks for all your support. All we wanted to do was watch our Netflix of Ellen Degeneres stand-up. We still haven't done that.

Weird week.

ppolarbear said...

You know that but they dn't know that.