Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elitist Mug

I never make too big of a deal over where I went to seminary. When other ministers ask and I tell them - the older guys especially - either give a cheer or a rasberry depending on whether they went there too.


I will be the first one to admit that their name looks good on my wall, but the diploma itself is written in Latin - they don't even TEACH Latin - and includes ridiculous phrases like 'a woman of blameless life'... I mean, what part of an elitist, dead language and the phrase 'blameless' project a servant leader type image.

Especially around here it is best to have the education, but be where the people are.

But this week I have two session (board) meetings (one of them her's). And on the day I wrote in my calendar 'No Meetings' - so I would save the evening for my family - I have to go and hang out with a parishioner who is bent out of shape in order to keep her and her husband in the church family. (Yes, it's worth it despite these occasional trips I have to make because someone looked at her funny).

So this morning - as the painters rumbled into my home before The Boy even woke up - I stumbled downstairs made the coffee, reached back into my cabinet and pulled out my Psnooty Theological Seminary mug with the greekish/modern logo.

That'll show em'!


zorra said...

My husband's impressive-looking diplomas from Prestigious Private University describe the school in some pretty high-flown language. He admits he didn't know very many people there who were in "sober fearless pursuit of truth beauty righteousness and to all high emprise consecrated." Or in sober fearless pursuit of much of anything.

reverendmother said...

Zorra! I went to that university!!!!

I'd know that pretentious language anywhere.

Very cool.

Songbird said...

My B.A. is in Latin. What other language could possibly serve The College of Knowledge in Virginia?
(And where is that thing anyway?)

Listing Straight said...

It is a good friend who will take a Session meeting for you.

Mark Smith said...

I don't think seminaries will have the same "star power" as undergraduate colleges until they start playing football.

Go Rutgers!


Susie said...

Ooh! My seminary plays football. Granted, its only with two other seminaries... but both are named tournaments! AND we have diplomas in Latin!

Is that plus two points, or minus two?

will smama said...

As co-MVP of our flag football league my senior year it crushes me to think that this is not considered a high level football program. WHAT?

PPB said...

2 session meetings is about 2 too many.

Sue said...

Ick. I despise those suck-up "please don't go" pastoral calls. They remind me of how much congregational ministry is like high school.

Personally, I vote for Pedro. The cool kids are never as cool as they pretend to be.

Anyway, I hope the meeting went well for you.

Rev Dave said...

My fiance, also a pastor, is a graduate of Psnooty Theological Seminary, while I graduated from one out in the provinces. She regularly accuses me of having Psnooty Envy.