Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween Pros and Cons

I realize this topic does not make me unique in the blogosphere. For the cons you can check out Phantom Scribbler and for the pros you can check out (surprisingly enough) Halloween Lover.

Here is my brief list of Halloween cons:
- The fun and innocence of the event has been long gone.

- Houses that are decorated more heavily for it than they do for Christmas.

- Adult 'sexy' costumes. Halloween is not an excuse to look like a slut under the guise of being in a costume.

- Adults who bring around their infants when there is no older child involved. Is your desire to have me ooh and ahh over your baby in her tiger costume and the demand for me to give you candy for the privilege really worth the whopping cough that is going to keep up you for the next month?

- Teenagers who don't even bother with a decent costume and carry around pillow cases. Guess what, if you are too old to carry around the goofy looking plastic pumpkin then you are too old to be trick or treating.

- Kids who don't say thank you... and the parents who don't seem to notice/care/mind.

- The demanding list of people you "have to go see" because your kid looks so cute in his costume, but of course you know that by the time you cover them all he will have dissolved into a cranky puddle of tears... and so will you.

Here is my even briefer list of Halloween pros:

- The low-key Halloween Open House that friends of ours host. You go sometime during your night. We make it our last stop because everyone strips their kids out of their costumes, the kids play and trade candy and the adults eat chicken corn soup.

- Well of course, my son looked cute in his costume.


Songbird said...


Pink Shoes said...

I love your list. And he's absolutely adorable.

Quotidian Grace said...

Another Baby Bee! Precious!

Gord said...

NOw that is priceless

mid-life rookie said...

And that is reason enough! Enjoy these years before he's one of those pillowcase toting teens.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, he's adorable.

zorra said...


I share your annoyance with the blase' teenagers and, what's worse, the kids who DON'T SAY THANK YOU. I have deeply embarrassed my husband on more than one Halloween by calling after departing kids, "What do you say?" I can't help it! So it's a good thing that this year they ALL said thank you!

Caroline said...

the picture is the cutest!

ppolarbear said...

The last thingon your pro list is awfully cute!

Mary Beth said...

I think his insanely cute self makes up for a lot. Maybe not everything. But a lot. :)