Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I have purposefully kept myself from spewing mission trip details all over you... in an attempt to not get obnoxious with it. I am rethinking that strategy. For one, I think it is important that the word get out that the Gulf Coast still needs help and volunteers are about the only place they're getting it. On a more selfish note, I think if I am going to get through Grey November I had better click my heels and think better thoughts (that one's for you, Sue).

One of the challenges of any mountain top experience is coming back down. No wonder why in one of my favorite Peter moments the disciple wants to build a place to stay on the mountaintop. I was careful when I came home to listen to TDH and hear about his week - home alone with a toddler is not quite mountaintop - but it still needs to be heard, respected and applauded. I was pleasantly surprised when I would run into folks from church during the week and they would say, "welcome back" and "how was your trip?"

Then Sunday came and I robed up very excited because a large group of folks from the trip - from other churches - were in the congregation to support my folks because they knew all of them were going to speak and all of them hate speaking in public. I had worked on a Power Point all weekend and couldn't wait to tell folks about our trip and applaud them as well for supporting us.

I was pumped and I came through the Sanctuary door raring to go and ran into, "Pastor will smama. Will you please remove those flowers from the altar they look terrible."

Briefly that ol' pastor's lament streamed through my head - you know the one: children are dying... families have been flooded out of their homes for months... war is raging throughout the globe but yes, I will stop the entire universe in its tracks and remove the flowers of the apocalypse...

Thankfully, I have been reading a blog lately entitled You've Really Got to Love Your People... and so I tried. And on the flower offendee's behalf I will admit they looked terrible. I will also comment that they looked like someone had moved them from their original spot to quick do something and then had merely forgotten to put them back.

An usher overheard and moved them to a more appropriate spot.

Now we don't really have an altar, at best it is a Communion table. Certainly it is treated Holy by at least half of the people as I hear them take a short breath whenever I set something on it. I am sure this was a good part of the reason why she was so taken aback by the flowers, not just that they weren't centered.

So I am wondering how Flower Offendee felt when as part of our presentation I placed two botched plumbing pipes from our trip and placed them there, stuck candles in them and lit them.

Hey, to me they are Holy.


ppb said...

I'm sure they were.
Tell us more about your trip.
Remember, it's a blog. There ain't no such thing as obnoxious on a blog.

gavin richardson said...

we are looking to make a return trip to the gulf coast beginning of next summer. there really is all kinds of need and the people said many times, it if wasn't for the churches and voluteers they would still look like the day after the storm.

Songbird said...

I love the image of the plumbing pipes on the Table.

more cows than people said...

I'm so honored for the link. And some days its SOOO hard, to love them, yes?

Off to a Bible study with two of my less loveable ones and not in great space at the outstet.

Yes, more about the mission trip, please. I'll be back.

Listing Straight said...

More about mission trip...
More about mission trip...
(I can repeat this comment every day until you cave...)

Sue said...

Thanks for the heel-clicking nod!

And yes, do tell about the trip.