Friday, November 24, 2006

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Black Friday Edition

As found on the revgalblogpal website: So this is a "Black Friday" Five (aka Buy Nothing Day) in honor of the busiest shopping day of the year:

1. Would you ever/have you ever stood in line for something--tickets, good deals on electronics, Tickle Me Elmo?

2. Do you enjoy shopping as a recreational activity?

3. Your favorite place to browse without necessarily buying anything.
The revgalblogpal webring.

4. Gift cards: handy gifts for the loved one who has everything, or cold impersonal symbol of all that is wrong in our culture?
Good question. I'm going to go with - I think they are a last resort because I have absolutely no other clue what to give someone OR at times the perfect gift because I know that will allow them to splurge on themselves in a store they like instead of guessing on a gift or of course giving them $ that they might feel like they have to be responsible with.

5. Discuss the spiritual and theological issues inherent in people coming to blows over a Playstation 3.
There is a special seat in the heavens where these people's souls will sit next to a patient God as she points out to them one by one the children who were starving, the families who were still living in FEMA trailers and the wars that were raging when they decided to punch each other over an overpriced bundle of wires and buttons.


Teri said...

amen to number 5!!!
I think you kept your cynicism well under control here. Good work!

St. Casserole said...

HAHAHAHA! This is great! I agree with you about Elmo.

Black Friday is for amateurs. Real Shoppers never think retailers give good deals until after Christmas.

I heard on NPR that shoppers were so wild at a Best Buy that the POLICE were called to the scene.


SingingOwl said...

I'm grinning at number three (clever), and grinning broadly at the great picture. :-D

juniper68 said...

preach on

hipchickmamma said...

i loved your answer to number 5! i got stuck at being appalled and couldn't get over that to think spiritually at all! thanks for pointing me back to God, and seeing where she is in all of this.

see-through faith said...

bravo !!!

PPB said...

awesome answers.

Magdalene6127 said...

Wow, Will Smama, I think I have found a soulmate in your Friday Five! I was traveling yesterday and didn't get to do it myself; I'd refer people to yours, though!

Blessings, a blogstone for you: (o), and keep writing!



reverendmother said...

Well played as always WillS.

LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking Week! (o)

Gord said...

I was far more basic on #5. BUt your anser is much more theological.