Saturday, December 9, 2006

Pastor's Lament

So there are two parties I wish I could be at this evening. One is a housewarming for a friend 9 hours away and one is a red wine tasting party 20 minutes away.

The first is of course a no-brainer. I'm a pastor. It's Advent. We sent our regrets.

The second was also a no-brainer.
It didn't start until 8.
My sermon wasn't done.
Our regular babysitter is out of town.
A lot of red wines give me a headache.
I don't usually drink on Saturdays before I preach.

So it was the obvious decision to make and yet still a bummer.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I have to preach tomorrow and am drinking some red wine right now. :)

Bummer on the babysitter situation -- finding a babysitter only gets worse once you have two kids!

Have a relaxing aturday night. It is too bad that the night so many of these events are held is the night before our most important work day!

ppb said...

oh, poop.
Does it help to know that my hot Saturday night involved chopping so many onions at the homeless shelter that I think I will permanently smell of onions? Probably not.

Sorry that you can't go.

will smama said...

Before she kills me I should make the correction that our 'babysitter' is actually my Mom who is up in northeast state at the aforementioned housewarming party.

And believe me, if TDH would share a glass of wine with me on a Saturday night I would do it.

Mrs. M said...

Oh, willsmama, I wish I could go to a red wine tasting party, too.

Unrelated-- I really appreciated your comment on the 11th Hour Peaching Party about not believing that God puts us in fire for a reason. I recently heard of a pastor telling a parishioner (about the war in Iraq) that "everything happens for a reason." It was NOT my kind of theology.

Songbird said...

Nor mine, and I appreciated your frankness, ws.
I rarely drink anyway, but I must admit that the one time I had a glass of wine on Saturday night, I ended up with a great sermon the next morning. (Or it seemed that way.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my mom is our babysitter as well. Like I said, it gets much harder to find a babysitter once you have two kids (at least if MY MOM is your babysitter, I'm sorry to report).

Listing Straight said...

You can write sermons without drinking 2 glasses of red wine? I didn't know that was possible...

Purechristianithink said...

I'm with Listing . . .

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

One of my favorite bibles has a red wine stain on one of its pages ... in Revelation, though not where the winepress is mentioned. It adds a certain air of authenticity, shall we say?