Sunday, January 7, 2007

Note to Self:

In this particular church, in this particular place when the pastor is away the attendance barely waivers. However, when the choir is given the Sunday off, attendance drops by at least 25%. Please keep this in mind before sweating blood over a sermon to be delivered on a Sunday that the choir has off.

Also, go gargle something... your voice sounds like hell.


Songbird said...

Oy. Hope you're resting this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Hope you are feeling better. I have the same problem with the children's choir is not rehearsing. No one in Sunday school. I know this but I seem to sweat over the lesson anyway.

Preacher Mom said...

So did you croak your way through the service today? Ouch! Get better soon!

will smama said...

Thanks all. I feel better than I sound... I think. Also I have just a touch of what other folks have to a whole other level.

I realize it makes me sound like a redneck, but I think when it doesn't stay cold long enough those germies get stronger rather than die.

Who's with me?

Mary Beth said...

Hate to hear this. Do you think it's because

a) the choir is 25% of the congregation/partners?


b) because people love your choir SOOOOO much?

My DH doesn't care to go to church if there isn't choral music. That's his worship outlet. Me, I'm a church whore, I go whenever they'll let me in. ;)

will smama said...

It's 'a' and folks here have a mentality of showing up when folks don't think you will (Sunday after Christmas and Easter and any time there is a snow/ice storm - full) but then taking a different day off.

Not that I blame the choir and families... they had a busy advent/Christmas too. I just need to remember to keep it light that Sunday.