Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Procrastinator, Blogger and Preacher (sort of)

I think Polar Bear did this once before, but I thought I would share last Saturday morning's initial activities with you:

Arrive in office
Turn on computers
Note that computer is rattling… loudly.
Email select friends to let them know you are in the office… working.
Read and add comment to revgalblogpal Preaching Party thread.
Dig out bulletin and sermon worksheet.
Title worksheet with appropriate Scriptures and date.
Look up sermon title in bulletin.
Wonder if eventual sermon will actually match up with title.
Decide it is time to move from pen - with inherent concreteness - to pencil on worksheet which makes one feel smarter and like one is actually working on something full of great wisdom and truth. Reminds one of Pooh when said bear taps on his head and proclaims, “Think. Think. Think.”
No pencils on desk.
No pencils in desk.
Go to supply closet to get pencils… oooh, paperclips!
Get big and small paperclips, restack stick-it notes, close door.
Open door back up and get three pencils - duh.
Go to other closet to sharpen pencils.
Pencil sharpener unplugged.
Decide pencil sharpener should be in closer location anyway, but where?
Remember that current printer on desk is out of ink and ‘powers that be’ said networked printer is more cost effective anyway.
Decide to take bulky printer off and replace with pencil sharpener.
Unplug things.
Remove things.
Dust desk.
Laugh at self and wonder if this latest procrastination track will blog.
Debate on where sharpener should go.
Place sharpener on desk.
Plug in sharpener.
Sharpen pencils.
Place paperclips in proper sections in desk.
Stare at worksheet.
Check email.
Check preaching party thread.
Decide to type up current procrastination track for blog.
Check email.
Back to worksheet….

Minutes passed since arrival in office: 63
Words written on sermon worksheet: 13
Words written on assorted emails and blogs: well over 1000 (estimated)


Anonymous said...

This is frighteningly familiar and too like many of my regular work days. Now that I've added blogging, I'm not sure what I was doing with all my previous "free time." It was obviously free. Right? Its not that I'm avoiding anything now...right?

ppb said...

What? I don't get it. What's wrong with this process?
Oh, I know you left out the part about getting a Diet Coke, and about checking your word count on your document (13), seeing how different the sermon would look in Arial, spell checking the document, and then formatting all 13 words. And then getting another Diet Coke.

Songbird said...

Substitute coffee and you've got me, ppb.
And I write in the kitchen, so there's also checking CNN to see if there is some emerging story I need to add to my sermon.

Preacher Mom said...

You could be writing my life!

cheesehead said...

Since I usally write at home, I will add:


Anonymous said...


Lorna said...

lol - we have hand held pencil sharpeners here. They work surprisingly well :)

Anonymous said...

I am seriously laughing out loud, the office admin thinks I'm crazy, and I'm practically falling out of my chair because this is exactly how every single day goes in my life. hehehehehe!

St. Casserole said...

I call your process "warming up to actually doing something." According to my research, this puttering around HAS TO BE DONE.

Good girl!

will smama said...

Oh yeah ppb, that was just office procrastination. Home procrastination takes it to a whole other level. I actually cleaned out the toaster oven late one Saturday night.


Sue said...

Excellent. You have raised sermon procrastination to an art form.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might enjoy this report on CNN's website about Procrastination. (It came out five years late!) :D

Procrastination Report

Susie said...

Sermon Worksheet? Whats that? Will you share? Will it write my sermon for me this week, since I'll be at a two-day retreat, then parent playgroup, then dinner at a parishoners house? Fun activities, but nothing leading to sermon prep time....