Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

It certainly has been a blog of fluff lately and for all of you fans of stomach viruses, teen driving issues and my JT crush I promise to return to such things soon.

I am on the PCUSA News Service email list so at least two to three times a day I get some sort of blurb from them. Mostly they are informative - PCUSA was one of the first responders to the devastating tornadoes that hit Florida a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes they are to help others publicize their ministry - we received a copy of a letter from a missionary in Kenya. Sometimes they are addressing the issues that a lot of pcusa'ers are sensitive about right now.

I usually leave these issues to the folks that can write using bigger words than I can and truthfully to those who are far more passionate about these things than I am.

It may be idealistic, but I just want to spread the Good News to the community through Word and deed and inspire others to do likewise. I don't have much time or patience for division, scruples and judgment.

But it is time for my own ‘ugh!’ The background of the story is that the schismatic conservatives of the pcusa have formed something called the New Wineskins. Now they have moved to all join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church… whatever, I don’t care. BUT the EPC leaves it up to individual congregations to ordain women and so of course there aren’t many - two to be exact and one of them is retiring.

To quote from the article,
"When that concern was raised the Rev. Carmen Fowler, NWAC vice-moderator, assured delegates that women would not be forgotten, and encouraged them to trust.

'I feel confident in saying that the brothers involved are
not going to let the sisters involved fall by the wayside,
because frankly they know how much work we do,' she said."

ARGH!!!! I think I just spit up a little bit in my mouth!


revabi said...

I just came by to throw up with you, (not really.) and to wish you a happy valentine's day. You really have had a time of it.

Alex said...

I just blogged about this too. It make me sick and sad.

ppb said...


Songbird said...

I've been staying out of this, since it's not my denomination, but if Abi can throw up with you, so can I.

esperanza said...

Yep, I had pretty much the same reaction. The big strong men are going to take care of us (which is objectionable in and of itself) not because it's the right and faithful thing to do, but because they are too lazy to do ministry themselves?!?

I'm also usually reluctant to comment on these matters, but really!

Thanks to the ecumenical barfers.

cheesehead said...

Gag me with a spoon.

Sue said...

holy moley....

zorra said...

It IS my denomination, and this scares me.

I wonder if all the ordained women involved in New Wineskins are just thinking,"God has called me to this, and God won't desert me."

Well, God won't desert them, but the "brothers" just might.

meepsy said...

If you can stomach it, read the articles in the Presbyterian Outlook about the NW convocation, in which one of the leaders of that group is quoted as referring to "our women." That was the moment when I reached for the Maalox.

meepsy said...

I agree with you; it's dispiriting to see women act as enablers of those kinds of attitudes. New Wineskins appears to be led and driven by almost entirely male clergy; I wonder how women serving as elders on sessions (which, according to polity, is what governs the congregation, not the pastor)in those NW congregations are reacting.