Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing

They say variety is the spice of life and in general I like the variety that my vocation has to offer. However, teens using our parking lot to skid in, lose control and slam into and through a light pole and then taking off is a bit more variety than I had in mind.

I have noticed that almost all of my posts fall under the 'Signs of the Apocalypse' label. And in this case it is once again true because we hoped that the kids' conscience might kick in or that a parents' wisdom and sense of right and wrong might prevail but unfortunately our next thought was that in this day and age both of those are highly unlikely.
Or worse the church will be sued for not having warning signs that when snow hits the pavement it is slippery.

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will smama said...

Hmmm, if I could only somehow find a detailed account of the PA code for moving violations...

Oh wait! There it is!!!

Update: Of COURSE no one has returned to claim the damage. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.