Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ethics: Walmart Edition

So, of course the below example was me and of course I told the cashier what had happened and of course the devil on my shoulder said, "Idiot," and told me that I should never have been a pastor because it makes me impossible to live with during all of my holier-than-thou moments.

The most frustrating thing about it was that TDH went there later and was overcharged for an item that cannot be proven so we are stuck with that extra cost (about $5).

As for going to Walmart, well I too call it 'evil' and yet I go. Why?
Because with a sick child at home I can get in and out quicker than the chain pharmacies.
Because in this case they were the only ones that had what we needed.
Because when I do have my child with me it is easier to take him in and out of the car only once and get everything I need in one place.
Because I live in Pennsyl-bama and there is no other place to go for certain needs/wants.
Because a friend of mine has Down's Syndrome and the ONLY place that didn't treat her like crap and was willing to give her a legitamate chance at employment was Walmart.

There is no need to get into a debate about it, I am sure other websites cover the pros and cons of the evil empire. I just wanted to remind us all that there are never easy, clear cut answers.


cheesehead said...

For the really important question: is the boy feeling better?

will smama said...

Thanks for asking CH, he is doing MUCH better. It is really a post for another day as we listened to the doctors and bought this fancy stuff for his digestive system. It didn't work. Then we listened to the other parents in our lives and gave him yogurt and now all is well.

Gord said...

Gotta love the pragmatic advice of parents over doctors (luckily our family doctor has kids pretty much the same age as ours).

And I second Teri's question in the last post (my comment there seems to have disappeared into the ether) about comment line. HOw'd you do it? My HTML skills are sorely lacking and when I thought I figured it out I apparently hadn't.

St. Casserole said...

glad he is better. yogurt is a great food.

phooey on worrying about using walmart when in a hurry! I live in Miss-bama and without walmart, we wouldn't have much. didn't have much before the storm, less after.

I know the perils of walmart entering a community but those who are the most troubled by the mega box seem to have more shopping options than we do.

and, don't tell anyone, I like Target

your cousin from the backwater,
St. C

will smama said...

St. Cass - I 'heart' Target too and truth be told Walmart didn't wipe out much when it came because there was nothing here to wipe out. Now for groceries, we do try to hit the local chain.

As for the code, well I am not much of an 'html'-er either so what I did was go into my template and scanned it until I found where it said "comments" and then I replaced that with "commenting Procrastinators".

Not exactly the computer genius you were looking for but it worked for me!

reverendmother said...

Remember all that silliness with the Nader-traders? People would agree to vote for Nader on behalf of those who lived in swing states.

Well, I am blessed to have plenty of choices when I shop--suburb has to have some advantages!--and I almost never darken the door of Walmart, for a variety of reasons both political and aesthetic (our WM is the junkiest, buzzing-flourescent-lit hellhole you've ever seen).

So consider that I am boycotting on behalf of those of you who don't have a choice. It's all good.

Clergy Novelist said...

Yogurt is good, but you might also want to try "Dan-Active" which is a new product that's being pushed, but really does work well. My daughter had to be on IV antibiotics for Lyme disease, and she took Dan-Active every day, it really helped. PS I love Target partly because a Target Foundation scholarship paid for my seminary education -- I will be a loyal customer forever!

Alex said...

RM said: "I almost never darken the door of Walmart, for a variety of reasons both political and aesthetic (our WM is the junkiest, buzzing-flourescent-lit hellhole you've ever seen)."

True 'nuf. But I remember our lives in tiny town KY-bama... only Walmart was available without driving 20 miles. I will also shop at Tar-jay in your honor. In fact, I did so last night.

Glad your boy is better. :)

reverendmother said...

I love how "bama" has become the pejorative suffix.

My friend in the real 'bama would probably protest, then grudgingly agree.

Lorna said...

Glad the boy is better ... and, that you did what you felt was right - even if it backfired. God sees our hearts - remember that - and as for the voice - tune it out. He ain't worth the time of day sister!

Rev Dave said...

Alex: "only Walmart was available without driving 20 miles"

Here in Wy-bama even Wal-Mart is only available if one drives 40 miles. Target, malls, and more than one type of cuisine (other than small town diner food) are 100 miles, at least.

But, on the up side, I get to watch moose my window at the church every now and again.

My Wal-mart ethical dilemma was getting home and realizing I had an extra bag of stuff from the person in front of me in line who didn't pick it off the carousel. Do I take the perishables back or jsut eat them?

mid-life rookie said...

Like the rest of us Walmart has both light and dark, good and evil. Walmart $4 prescriptions are the only way some of the patients at the county hospital can afford their medications. The case managers often remind the doctors to try to stick to the Walmart list if at all possible.