Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Perfect Storm

Poor, little rich girl edition:

New computers




Microsoft Office Word 2007


Cranky wireless network


Very new (yet quite old) Administrative Assistant



If only I had George Clooney to hold onto.


Listing Straight said...

Yes. George Clooney makes Everything better. Everything.

Songbird said...

even flu?

Listing Straight said...

Oh yeah- A little George is definitely good for the flu.

will smama said...

Yes, George bringing me tea and fluffing my pillow - in a tux of course - would be just the cure.

reverendmother said...

Ah, The Clooney.

Don't tell my American movie boyfriend, but last night I dreamed about my Scottish movie boyfriend, Ewan McGregor. Oh the Scottish brogue. May have to blog about that one.

will smama said...

You know, I wish I was from over the pond just so I could use the work 'brogue' more often. What a great word.

reverendmother said...

It's much cooler than the words for American accents, like "twang," or "drawl," isn't it?

Questing Parson said...

So I bought a new computer a month ago. Naturally, I had to call the tech about a glitch. I signed up for one of those services where the tech takes charge of your computer and you sit back and let him do all the work. As soon as he got hold of my computer he said, "Oh, cool! You've got Vista. This is the first time I worked on that!"

Kathryn said...

You know, I suspect brogue has kind of got lost here too...I did have a friend who said she moved out of London to the country to wear brogues and talk with a burr but sometimes found herself wearing burrs and talking with a brogue. Does that help?

cheesehead said...

You just can't beat the healing power of The Clooney.

will smama said...

Oh my gosh, QP - that is NOT what you want to hear. I have actually enjoyed Vista, although right now I have just been enjoying the fun stuff and have no real idea of what it has added otherwise.. although it does make me laugh every time it asks me to cancel or allow a download or other such thing thanks to that commercial.

Also, I think in the long run Word 2007 is going to be a lot more user friendly but there is some adjustment from the old program to this one.... and when our new admin didn't even know how to 'bold' something on the last one you can see where we have a long. way. to. go.

reverendmother said...

Ha, Kathryn! Did I confuse my terms? I just looked up brogue and learned that it's a shoe, and also the term for an accent--the *Irish* one. Learn something new everyday.