Wednesday, March 7, 2007



will smama said...

Two things of note on this, first the chain came off as soon as TDH went outside so it is not all as sad as the dog would like you to think and (b) one of the biggest bummers about being an adult has to be that there is never a true snow day.

I mean, I could stay home but that just means the work piles up and so I will most likely go to my office because really it is no act of vehicular heroism to walk across the parking lot.

Lorna said...

walking across the parking lot could be hazardous to your health ... I say let the work pile up and enjoy home life for a day :)

Songbird said...

Snow doggie!!!

Listing Straight said...

Oh. It's hot here. It's always hot here.

Next time, we're driving up your way.

Make an angel for me?

will smama said...

Too cold and dry for snow angels.

And sorry, Lorna, I am in the office... of course I have been messing with the computer and not doing any sermon prep so I guess I combined taking a snow day and going to the office.