Monday, April 16, 2007

From the Committee

Dear Will Smama -

We fear that we are going to have to rescind your Mother of the Year Award for your stunning inability to recognize that your two year old son is teething. Apparantly the classic signs of low-grade fever, excessive drooling, fingers in the mouth and a general droopy boy were not clear enough for you.

The only reason we are allowing you to keep him is because he seems incredibly attached to you for some odd reason and at least you did recognize that he wasn't feeling well.

We will be mailing you your Parental Duh Award shortly.

The Judgmental Voice Committee in Your Head


ppb said...

aw, now the judgmental voice committee can just take a hike. Have they ever had teething right after holy week? huh? huh?

Pink Shoes said...

If it's any consolation, it only dawned on me by reading your post what might be up with my own nearly-two-year-old. That's right.

Lorna said...


sorry but this made me laugh :)

Songbird said...

You know, I had pediatricians tell me fever was not caused by teething.
Of course, they were young and didn't know anything yet. All the old docs knew the truth.

Preacher Mom said...

Damn. Hate that Judgmental Voice Committee. They sure do get around!

KnittinPreacher said...

The Judgmental Voice Committee is hereby banished from your brain. Be Gone!

Does it help to hear from someone who is childless (but the oldest of 5 in a blended family) that I had no idea teething still happened at 2, or at least with the same symptoms?

Mrs. M said...

Dang it, that committee is always sending letters. Can we take a collection to send them on vacation?

Sue said...

Damn committees anyway!