Monday, April 9, 2007

Holy Week Awards

As you could probably guess by last week's pre-packaged posts it was a busy one. I knew it would be - and for a lot of you reading it was too - but there were a couple of things that helped the week really get away from me.

One, I had a funeral on Wednesday and two, I had no administrative assistant. Throw in a spouse who was also over-worked last week and you get quite the combination.

Now that I am standing at the platform of the Holy Week Survivor Awards Ceremony there are a few people I would like to thank:

First, my parents. Wow. None of this would have been possible without you. To my Dad who came over to the church office when he unwisely answered the question, "What are you doing right now" with the word, "Nothing." And then the very next day to come run errands with me and The Boy - even stopping to eat pizza with the youth group for lunch - and stay at my house while The Boy napped and I ran over to church to get more done. Thank you.

And Mom, thank you too. You helped get The Boy acclimated to the YMCA pool water so that there will be no public meltdown during his first swim lesson, you came to Good Friday service at the end of a very long and tiring week at work just so that the total amount of people 'served' would be sure to make it into the double digits and you then had The Boy over your house from early Saturday until church on Sunday morning, guiding him around the Easter egg hunt Sunday morning. Thank you both.

Thanks to those who came to the Good Friday service (3 churches, 43 people) especially the choir who really made the service with their beautiful music. Also to all who came and told me what a meaningful service it was rather than chastising me for spending so much time on a service that was not going to be well attended.

Thanks to the weather gods who turned down the wind machine during the sunrise service. It was cold, but bearable. Later on in the day, we could not have done it.

Speaking of sunrise service, thank you to Songbird who supplied me with the bulletin/liturgy for it and reminded me - gently - that the sunrise, being outside and the Scripture is really all you need - no sermon or brilliant monologue necessary.

Also, thank you Songbird for the hat you made me that I wore in your honor during the service.

Special Thanks...
To 'Always Formal, Sometimes Grumpy' church lady for understanding when she realized the church windows were wide open in the early morning hours of Easter morning in order to air out the lily smell so her pastor had a fighting chance of making it through the service.

To my throat for not closing from the Easter lily allergies until the very tail end of my benediction at the regular service. We have a brokered a 50 minute, highly medicated deal and I tried to push it to 51. My bad.

To the doctor's office for getting me in within the hour of my call on Thursday to give me eyedrops for pink eye because apparantly I am 12... and at summer camp.

To The Boy - wow, you were so amazing this past week. You really hung in there with both parents moving like whirlwinds around you and your reward is Mommy playing with you all day today... as soon as the Sesame Street trance is done.

And finally to the stow-away chocolate that was in the bottom of the Boy's Easter basket which he INSISTED come with him yesterday for nap. I went in to check on him and he was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling with chocolate EVERYWHERE - mouth, hands, sleeves, shirt, pants, sheets, blankets... It was funny and cute and made me laugh and that was what I needed more than anything.

Who do your awards go to?


cheesehead said...

Sounds like you have a great supporting cast!

The Boy is scrumptious.

bipolarocket said...

thanks for the note - alive and kicking. emphasis on the kicking.

will smama said...

I need to also mention reverend mother who somewhere mentioned a moving Good Friday service that included the Bible being slammed shut. I incorporated that into the end of our GF service at the same time we slammed off our main lights and there was an audible gasp.

Really moving. thank you.

reverendmother said...

Glad it worked!

At Suburban Church we say the Apostles Creed at the end of the service, but only through "he descended into hell..." Then we all leave in silence. It's effective, though EVERY year we hear a smattering of people going on with "the third day he rose... [petering out as they realize that others aren't talking]"

It's in the bulletin, but by then it's almost pitch black in the sanctuary.

I had one of those "if I were the chief liturgist at this service" moments right before the reciting of the creed, that would have been a good way to signal people to stop when they're supposed to, but there was no way to communicate it to Senior. Maybe next year.

And you've gotta ask yourself, why did RM prattle on and on in my comments? Oh well.

St. Casserole said...

I'd like to thank everyone who attended worship, sang for worship and praised the preacher.

Your Boy is precious. We had a chocolate-hider, too. Great story!

mompriest said...

Chocolate that's my idea of the perfect life...ahhh

Lorna said...

love this ...bless you and your thankful heart

Songbird said...

I want to thank you for being there at the other end of e-mail and phone, Holy Week and every week. Huzzah for will smama!!

Mrs. M said...

willsmama, The Boy is beautiful. Just had to comment-- as Mr. M and I discuss how on earth to fit kids into the equation, thanks for the visual.

will smama said...

mrs. m he is easily the smartest and most joy-filled thing we have ever done. It's not always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it.

LadyBurg said...

I'm thankful for you - you who picked up my crying phone call - you who had coffee with me after THE funeral on a busy day - you who got me through a bad week.


And the Boy is brilliant - chocolate in bed sounds fabulous.

will smama said...

Okay, you people are going to make listing straight nauseous if you keep it up.

Ladyburg - I'll see YOU Thursday.

Reformed Catholic said...

Here's my wife's fix for lilies. Remove the stamens from all the lilies as they arrive, and discard.

Does wonders for pollen allergies, although you can't do much for the fragrences.

revabi said...

congrats. Absolutely marvelous.
My former pastor who was also allergic went to hydrangeas. They make for a pretty Easter too, with no side effects.

will smama said...

I might try the stamen thing... we would move to hydrangeas over certain church members' dead bodies. I was lucky to have them remove the hyacinths and tulips that used to be a part of easter morning. Our first Easter here I almost passed out!

Good thought though!