Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Life's Little Rituals

One of the ways we can mark time passing - children aging - in our house is by the morning routine. For the first three months of The Boy's Life it was simple - I didn't leave without him. But then it was time for me to make the long commute back to work. Well, long emotionally since physically it is less than 50 yards door to door.

For awhile he was so little he didn't notice although he was certainly happy when I came back. Then he got a little older and he cried when I left - that broke my heart. Eventually he didn't cry, he just looked up and said, "Bye-bye." Sometimes he did that to me when I first walked into a room.
That hurt worse than when he cried.

Now TDH lifts him up to the open part of the screen and he yells, "Bye!" as I walk down the front walk. I stop and turn and return his call. Then he yells it even louder, "BYE!"
"BYE!" I yell back cognizant of the fact that even though we are in the country we are now yelling loud enough for other people to hear us.

When I get to the door of the church I yell out one final, "BYE!"
And if I am lucky and his attention hasn't lapsed I get a, "BYE MOMMY!"

Someday my commute will be much longer and the "BYE's" will fade out faster. I wonder if that will be what happens first or if the next step will be me yelling out the door at him as he shakes his head cognizant of the fact that all of his friends can hear his Mom yelling at him out the door as if he were two.

Because she remembers when he was.


more cows than people said...

lovely. thanks.

PPB said...

aw, he'll probably do it when you drop him off at college.

LadyBurg said...

Makes me a bit teary.

I'm guessing he'll be thinking it even when he's too cool to yell "BYE!" At least, that is my hope.

Preacher Mom said...

I hope he never outgrows it. They all do, eventually, but that doesn't keep me from hoping!

Songbird said...

So sweet, both of you.

Sally said...


hipastorzwife2B said...

My neighbor has an "I love you" code with her son (8). He rubs his nose and she rubs her nose, subtly.
But occaisionaly he'll yell "Mom!" to get her attention and then rub his nose.
I love it!