Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Humble Me Lord

Humble me Lord... humble me Lord.

Humble my spirit... humble my spirit.

Humble my spirit... humble my spirit.

Oh won't you humble me Lord... oh won't you humble me Lord.

Those are the lyrics (with echo) to an African spiritual song that I have sung with youth groups and congregations for years. Last night the Lord answered.

I did a presentation in front of a gathering of clergy and leaders from our area at a denominational meeting. I was filling in for the chair of Uber Decent and in Order Committee as I presented our report, answered questions and presented a motion of my own.

I pulled it off fairly well, looked pretty good and felt pretty good and when finally done I walked out of the back of the Sanctuary and walked around the corner to find some water. Well, I found some but it was on the floor instead of in a fountain and I slipped on it.

Now, I did not fall (thankfully the Lord did not feel I needed to be THAT humbled) but I did rip the back of my dress so that the slit was now shall we say... not denominational meeting appropriate.

The biggest bummer is that I really liked the dress and the rip is not just up the seam. SO although it could be fixed it will never be all that it was.


cheesehead said...

Well, at least it was after your awesome report..?

Sorry. That's all I've got.

(word veri=fmeebo)

esperanza said...

Hm. Same thing, only stairs and high school graduation.

And yes, be thankful it was after your brilliant performance, not before. Since you didn't have a handy graduation robe.

more cows than people said...

kudos on the presentation.

bummer on the rip.


glad you can see it as a prayer answered.

St. Casserole said...

Yuk. Sorry this happened. Sorry about the dress because when I find dresses I like, I want them to last forever.

reverendmother said...

I too slipped on water in front of God and everyone, at a National Crankypants meeting.

The clothing stayed intact that time but I have ripped clothes irreparably and it a'sucks.

will smama said...

I cannot believe I - Tomboy of the Universe - is lamenting over a dress.

Who AM I?

Songbird said...

It is sort of weird.

Gord said...

SOrry, but I can't help but laugh.

While I wouldn't have to worry about the skirt, I would likely have ended up ass over teakettle

Lorna said...

it's ok to lament over a dress :) for tomboys especially it's hard to find one you like!