Sunday, June 24, 2007

Warning Signs

I should have known it was going to be a long 10 days with sister-in-law when she emailed me earlier in the week and asked if I would help her color her hair.

My response?
If you would like while you are up here we could work on your throwing mechanics, plan out your fantasy football team for next season, climb a tree, or go work out together.

We could start a knitting project, rent chick flicks and I would even be willing to go get pedicures together.

But there is no way I am going to be responsible for putting coloring in your hair.

See you soon! - ws

9 more days to go.


Songbird said...

How about making an appointment for her at a local salon?

Songbird said...

That was a joke. And I liked your response a lot.

will smama said...

hee, hee sb.

At least her daughter is going on the trip and not staying here. First sentence she ever said to me, "Why are you wearing boy shoes?"

I was wearing sneakers.

Lorna (see through faith) said...

I mean why not. It could be sweet revenge ... oops did I say that?

seriously just book her into a hair salon - one that takes a l-o-n-g time and is an hour's drive away (at least)

maybe some kind parishioner could take her and erm...

well :)

praying that these days you have a lot of work that MUST be done and a lot of soft ball practices, work outs, gym sessions and those bike rides must be done NOW ...

boy shoes - I love it - :)

hang in there sis

towanda said...

I think all I have are boy shoes!

Listing Straight said...

I LOVE your repsonse. You are funny, and yet absolutely clear.

cheesehead said...

You are nicer to your SIL than I am to any of mine.

Gee, I wonder why mine hate me????

Sue said...

I heart you ws. And your boy shoes too.

Rochelle said...

Hi wills mama,
I am a mama to a daughter and a pastor (and wife). I love your blog--found it on revgalblogpals (which I hope to join). I am traveling back to TX (talk about no mountains!) for my brother's wedding. My soon to be SIL is driving me nuts. I guess the good news is they live far away???

Sista Cala said...

She could always put the stuff on herself. I have always been the tom-boy type, but I recently did the hair-color thing. Family and friends alike said it looked good. Maybe I just have the touch or maybe they were just being nice.

I'm new to RevGals, come see me sometime.

will smama said...

Hi Rochelle and sista cala.