Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Straw

You are looking at the straw that broke the camel's back.
I wanted to set my phone on vibrate.
Instead I 'locked' it.
I never set a 4 digit 'unlock' code.
The default code doesn't work.
I have tried every number combination I have ever used.
I have tried every date combination that means something to me.
I have spelled out names.

I. am. done.

(not to mention my psyche)


reverendmother said...

Have you tried the last four digits of the cell phone number itself?

I had a similar problem with an LG phone I think, and found that did the trick.

I hope it works---I'd like to think that I could help all the way from Scotland, and in my last five minutes of online time allotted.

In either case, love you much

Kathryn said...

Oh hooray. I'm so glad. It's the horridest feeling, isn't it....
Hope you now have something nice and unstressful to contemplate
(ooh...and we seem to have the same phone, assuming that yours is as shown). Take care

cheesehead said...

Hey rm: I've got a particularly thorny probem that needs solving--think you could muster up five more minutes??? Pretty please???

No? damn.

Oh, and Yay for you, WS.

word verification: hykufky

Sue said...

Wow. RM - you are GOOD.

WS - glad your phone is back!

ppb said...


Mary Beth said...

woohoo! now that is cool! I was going to make some lame suggestion but no need now.

Good thing you didn't smash it with the hammer before rm got back to you! Miracle gal!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...


Um ... possibly a very interesting word verification:


Listing Straight said...

I would have gone the hammer route. And then regretted it.

Hang in there.

Songbird said...

God bless reverendmother, that's all I can say.

Towanda said...

I was going to suggest chucking it at the wall, but clearly that is no longer needed. Thank goodness for reverendmother!

esperanza said...

Huh. I would have had a nice long crying fit. I'm sure that would have been helpful. Glad RM can help out with her technical genius, though.

will smama said...

Ah yes... the crying fit.

It is only a matter of time.
I can feel it coming.
My only hope at this point is that it not be in major public or with The Boy around.

esperanza said...

As a master (mistress?) of the crying fit, I'll join you in that hope--not at church, God forbid. But I highly recommend them. Have tylenol handy for the sure-to-follow headache.

Serena said...

Yeah RM ... I'm going to remember this .. may be one less crying fit for me ... and so glad you saved the day for WS!