Sunday, July 22, 2007


The Lutheran Pastor - You all are right, of course, this was not about me. It really was not even about the family. She is no longer even at the church in question as that church and four others were invited to vote on whether they wanted to consolidate or not. Three agreed to consolidate, two did not. She is now one of the pastors at the bigger, consolidated one. The church of the deceased is one of the stubborn ones that will soon disappear due to lack of funds and any members left above the ground.
I am sure she is still hurt and a tad defensive over the whole thing and who can blame her. She also happens to be the exception that proves the rule: everyone has a sense of humor.

The Ride - It went great. I could not believe how strong and good I felt on the bike especially in contrast to last year. Rather than being passed, I was the one passing.
I did struggle a bit at first emotionally because TDH and I would usually ride the first section of those things together. It was the same feeling as I just had when I went to look up the url for last year's post and saw some of the things I wrote about him a year ago. What the hell happened?
The GREAT news is that so far I think I have raised $905 and I wouldn't be suprised if a little bit more came in. I am going to wait until the end of the week to send in the money folks gave me at church today.
Which brings me to...

Church Today - The support was amazing. Before the pastoral prayer I took joys and concerns as usual and then I read the letter and we moved into a time of prayer. You could hear an audible gasp when I hit the line about TDH moving out of our home. I then paused a bit before the spoken prayer trying to give it a little time to sink in.
I had already told Session and a couple of the pillars. I wanted both groups to be ready to throw full support behind my family rather than be in the shock phase with everyone else.
A few of the toughest emotional points were:
* Preaching while watching TOM (not tdh) struggling emotionally through it. The sermon was about how being Christians does not keep us from sinning or being sinned against but rather impacts how we handle it. TOW was in the nursery.
* Reading the letter.
* Being hugged by one of my gruffest, most conservative (meaning we disagree a LOT), most old-school members. In fact he went out of his way to hug me. Later on he asked me about my Dad and at the end of a few sentences I just sighed and said, "I'm so tired." He grabbed me and pulled me to his side and said that I needed someone to lean on and I should lean on the church for awhile.
I mean, wow. Of course when someone like that cares for you like that it also makes you realize just how much crap you're actually in!

You all have been amazing and I promise I really am trying to move away from these 'woe is me' posts, but I thought some of you might be interested in how some of these things ended up.

Peace, friends


Listing Straight said...

Just my two cents, but your posts have NEVER had the slightest bit of "woe is me" in them. WTF maybe, but not woe.

I think that you are amazing and very right to feel tired

St. Casserole said...

I'm glad to hear how it went today.

I do not get tired of hearing about your life. Ever. I know you don't want to be "woe is me" but tell us how you are and what you are thinking. Friends love you, even when you are blue or worse.

Come sit on the back porch with me tonight and we'll drink a beer.

more cows than people said...

please just keep telling the truth- you write it powerfully and movingly and it is always an honor to read.

wow on church this morning. wow.

ppb said...

I cna't even imagine what today was like for you. You are strong and beautiful.

Cathy said...

what everybody else said and then wow to your church members, wow to you.

I don't get the impression you are writing in "woe is me" mode - You are handling in a grace filled manner.

Presbyterian Gal said...

No woe is me here, dear.

What a blessing your church is. No wonder you're tired. Go get that beer with St. Cassie.

Sue said...

You have handled all of this with such grace WS. I'm glad to hear that your congregation is so supportive and caring.


cheesehead said...


Songbird said...

Good to hear all this. (But didn't they get the memo about the shoulder chucks?)

Magdalene6127 said...

I agree with Listing Straight and MoreCows... you write honestly and, honestly, you're in pain right now. I'm glad you are able to share this with us. Prayers continuing.


Questing Parson said...

A church to lean on -- now that's just redemptive!

Towanda said...

You are amazing and beautiful.

I don't find these to be "woe is me" at all. They seem like...gospel. Thank you for sharing them.

ElastiGirl said...

all of the above... so thankful that they are being supportive

Lorna said...

What QP said :)

and "Of course when someone like that cares for you like that it also makes you realize just how much crap you're actually in!"

How amazingly different though if you can trust (some of) your church -even gruffest members to help carry you and the boy though. You ain't heavy, yous their erm sister :)

Remember most of all Jesus is the one with the well-trained muscles and He said He'd carry you.

hugs xx

PS Thank you for daring to share. It encourages me a lot - because you didn't hide behind a mask

Oh and wow almost $1000 wow wow wow you are the GREATEST and marvellous that you rode fast and furious!

Kathryn said...

Oh, I'm so glad that your church are actually behaving the way a church /should/....which is in itself a tribute to your ministry with them.
Please, ws, keep on telling it like it is. We're you're friends, and friends want to know about each other, yes? And there's absolutely no weeping into your soup about any of your posts, I promise. Love hugs I promise. ]*

RevRosa said...

There has been no "woe is me"--there has been grace and courage under incredible pressure. ]*

Gord said...

Ah the churc. Just when we are ready to give up on it it surprises us and becomes a part of Christ's BOdy where God's Love is made real and known.

GLad that happened for you. ANd yeah, lean on the church for a bit. It is their job to be leaned on after all.

Preacher Mom said...

How wonderful that your congregation reacted as they did. God is good. (And those crusty tough guys - who can ever figure them out!)

Congrats on the ride!

Keep writing your life as honestly as you always have. Some days may be great and some may be woe-full. But as your friends, we want to hear about you - wherever you may happen to be on any given day.

God bless you!

P.S. How's the Boy?

Purechristianithink said...

Grace happens. Yeah.

LadyBurg said...

I'm with Listing. Absolutely no Woe is Me, although you have every right to post a thousand Woe is Me posts.

You amaze me.

Glad the old gruff guy gave you a hug. They really love you there. Took a long time to show, but they do.

DogBlogger said...

What they all said.

Oh, and my word verification:

You heard me.

HeyJules said...

What an amazing church you're a part of. Isn't it great when Christ's love reaches right up through everyone around us and blows us away with the intensity of it all?

St. Inuksuk said...

Sheer and utter grace!!!! You are blessed by the church and God is very present in caring for you.
You will come through this by the very grace of God.
You encourage us all!
There is nary a hint of "woe is me".

esperanza said...

Glad you found the mushy center of the gruff one...peace and rest to you.

Mrs. M said...

I, for one, have never even had a thought about a "woe is me" tone here. Not at all.

I'm not one for shoulder-chucks, and you're not one for hugs, so I'm making you a cyber cuppa tea. No idea what the emoticon for that would be.

LP ? (With the P as the handle? I dunno.)

zorra said...

So thankful for your church's response. And for your great ride!

Identity Mixed said...

"Woe is me" - I never read that anywhere from you, even between the lines. You're one of the strongest people I know and even if you did woe now and then, it would be completely appropriate!

Serena said...

Amen to what they all said. Praise God for God's grace which you and your church ... made in God's image ... are living so well!