Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just a Couple of Things

First - After a huge Memorial Service Saturday night and Sunday School and service this morning I was thinking to myself, "Phew. I pulled off another weekend."
And then it occurred to me - there's more.
VBS starts at 5:45.
I'm diggin' deep.
Edited to Add: I have been released from VBS duties. Apparantly I look as tired and miserable as I feel. Others will lead opening and closing. Also, the Boy struggles when I am in a room and he cannot be near me. He will have more fun without me up front and center stage.
So will I.

Second - Is it possible that someone would plan their meltdown and eventual departure from their home solely based on the fact that general supplies (cleaning products, pet foods, food staples,, etc...) were running low and he/she just didn't feel like replenishing them?
Or am I just being cynical?


reverendmother said...

OK, this is really callous and irreverent, but I'll risk it since you are a Friends fan, but your "second" reminded me of Joey wanting to switch apartments again: "The timing is perfect; I just clogged the toilet."

Uh, what I meant to say is, hang in there.

Lorna said...

at least you can replenish with only your and the boy's likes in mind :)

but seriously, yeah a simple thing like that - if we're really talking depression- can tip the balance.

as rm said hang in there.

Oh and I'm sending you a photo by email.

will smama said...

That's the perfect sentiment rm, especially since I just asked my sister who knows the full story that is going to be at her wedding just so I know who to expect to give me the 'Tom-Selleck-symathetic-head-bob-from-Friends'.

Identity Mixed said...

Interesting. I just blogged about stuff.... want some of mine? :)

And VBS... I was asked to teach. I said no. Oh, sweet victory!

St. Casserole said...

I'd go to the store for you if I could. I know how it is to meltdown over a dropped q-tip or less.

hang in there, she said.

LadyBurg said...

I know a really cool personal shopper with fantastically hip shoes. She enjoys Target as well. Let me know if you need her!!

esperanza said...

1. VBS is always one too many things.
2. And shopping is also one too many things.
That's two too many things for ws. (at least).
Hang in there. Your sermon advice got me through the morning today.

Sue said...


Would it help if you treated yourself to a little something special since you have to shop anyway?

I'm so glad you were released from your VBS responsibilities.

mompriest said...

Oh. definitely. And, I've found that meltdowns are usually very helpful. I always feel better afterward. I suspect no one will send you into "time-out" after your melt-down...although you might be begging for one :-)

so glad you got out of VBS.

Like I said, no hugs from me, (ah, I'm too short)... but are you ready for that neck-rub? (as a former massage therapist I really must ask)...

mamaS said...

I'm thankful for your small blessing--enjoy worshiping and singing with the Boy, and not standing in front.

Kathryn said...

And boo for the shopping (though I laughed out loud at reverendmother's comment - spot on!)...Definitely put some Will Smama special items on the list. I've got to do a mega shop this week too,- will think of you as I push the trolley (with wonky wheels, of course) around the supermarket.

Rainbow Pastor said...

\O/ to no VBS! You win there!

Grab and savour everything that eases your burden right now, WS.

And I would certainly echo the pedicure/special ws items mantra too.


revrosa said...

Sending prayers of quietness and comfort for the week.

Diane said...

I find meltdowns helpful too. Had one last night. not as much reason as you.
glad you are released from VBS duties too. it can be exhausting.

Rev Scott said...

That reminds me of the line from the movie MASH: "If I nail Hot Lips and punch Hawkeye, can I go home too?"

Rev Dr Mom said...

Yay for no VBS duties. I escaped that myself, but I am afraid that I (inadvertently) really pissed off someone by doing so.

And definitely boo for shopping!!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Yea that you're off the hook for VBS.

I'm sorry about the shopping. Do purchase something special for yourself and the boy.