Monday, September 10, 2007


We are back from... my sister's wedding! Highlights:

Getting to know my brother-in-law better;

Seeing phenomenal family friends, and okay family as well, that I don't get to see all that often;

THE BOY IN A TUX!!!! Pictures soon, I promise;

The Boy playing in Boston Commons including his first boat ride! The grip he had on the railing at the side of the boat for the 1st half of the ride was absolutely precious... and for Mommy, a relief even if we were going a whopping 1 nautical knot;

A gorgeous wedding and reception in a beautiful setting;

Watching my sister finally let go of all the planning and enjoy her hard work;

An absolutely brilliant wedding service and sermon meditation (quite subjective as I did that part);

Manis/pedis at a swank spa on Newbury Street;

My friend's absolute brilliant participation as she helped with The Boy and helped keep me in a good place as well.

It is both good to be home and also weird. Home is where the heart is and mine has not caught up with what my brain knows to be true. The Boy starts preschool tomorrow and I am looking forward to being in a set schedule rather than the chaos of August and there is PLENTY of 'catch -up' and 'right now' to be done.

For now, The Boy is reuniting with his toys (and putting none back, of course), I am reuniting with my blog friends through this post, and the cat is reuniting with my lap. I guess for now that is home enough.


Kathryn said...

Your blog friends missed you and are glad to welcome you back :-)
I'm so pleased that everything went well, - and that you had a friend who was there for you in a difficult place. Do hope that the start of pre school goes smoothly and happily.

cheesehead said...

Welcome home. I prayed for you all week. I was glad to read the "We're married" post on the other place, even with all the extraneous exclamation points.

Be kind to yourself.


"PS" said...

Welcome home and as Cheesehead said, "Be kind to you".

Lorna (see through faith) said...

welcome home - it's where you hang your hat and dump the dirty laundry :)oh and throw toys too :)

Quotidian Grace said...

How was the Mother of the Bride outfit?

jo(e) said...

Welcome back. It sounds like a good week.

Teri said...

what Cheesehead said. :-) welcome back.

revrosa said...

Welcome home

LadyBurg said...

Welcome back! Did you enjoy that pedicure?

Glad the wedding was nice. I'm sure the service was lovely.

SRH said...

The service was phenomenal, meaningful and amusing, but the rehearsal was even better -- It was the most fun rehearsal I have ever been a part of! Also, the quickest. Always good when more time can be spent on toasting the couple than on being grilled on your duties ;). I think you deserve a huge pat on the back.

will smama said...

QG - the m-o-b outfit was both gorgeous and practical as the winds were whipping and the mob had to hold onto her jacket and her 2.5 year old grandson and would have had not another hand for a skirt!

Thanks for asking.

Mary Beth said...

So glad you are home. Have missed you.

It's a funny thing to sadly click on someone's blog daily...even tho you know they are not there...but just in case!!

Kind of like a kid whose neighbor buddy is on vacation. Every day she goes over and hollers up at the neighbor house, "Will SMAMA! You home yet!?" Her mom comes out and says, "I TOLD you, she won't be back for a week! That's 2 more days! Stop that!"

Still, every day she does it.


Sue said...

Welcome home. It sounds like a great wedding and some good relaxing time - I love that you found time for the mani/pedi. Good for you!!