Friday, September 28, 2007

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Reverend Mother's Swan Song Edition

This is a pretty raw area for me right now so please forgive me while I sidestep the emotional landmines and keep it simple.

On Endings and Goodbyes:
1. Best ending of a movie/book/TV show
Movie - The Natural (thank you for not following the book)
Book - Prayer for Owen Meany (thank you for not following the 'movie')
TV Show - Newhart (I actually was too young to have seen the earlier show but even I knew how clever that ending was.)

2. Worst ending of a movie/book/TV show
Movie - City of Angels (spoiler alert) I do NOT go to movies for sad endings. Life sucks enough. The whole movie theater was PISSED when Meg Ryan got hit by a truck. Some even booed. Decent soundtrack though.
Book - Wally Lamb's I Know This Much is True. I read 600+ pages for THAT. Everything in that book got tied up so neatly at the end it was annoying. I guess I like my books reality-based and my movies with Hollywood endings.

TV Show - Seinfeld, but in all fairness I was never really a fan. Why would you want to hang out with these people?

3. Tell about a memorable goodbye you've experienced.
It was at an airport and we were only dating. I was going up to home state for a visit. It was the sweetest kiss...

4. Is it true that "all good things must come to an end"?
My heart says: No. That is bullshit.
My head says: Apparantly, yes.

5. "Everything I ever let go of has claw marks on it." --Anne Lamott
This is a great way of putting it and something I actively work on in myself.
Let. it. go.

Bonus: "It isn't over until the fat lady sings." I've never loved this expression. So propose an alternative:
"It isn't over until he graduates from college."


SpookyRach said...

Damn. I'd have given the exact.same.answers.

Pretty much.

Kinda scary. (I watched lots of reruns of the original Newhart and I thought I was the only one on the planet who didn't like Seinfeld, particularly.)

And my theory is: There's plenty of gut wrenching drama in real life. Why waste two hours of it on a sad-ass movie?

Rev Kim said...

Yes, the Newhart ending was brilliant. I had forgotten that one. I also listed Seinfeld as the worst tv ending. Do you remember when ER closed out its season with a cameo by Teh Clooney, the year that Julianna Marguiles left the show and they wrote her off by having her go off to be with him in Oregon?

I'm so with you and Rach on the "life sucks enough". Great play!

Jan said...

You said so much with your short, concise answers! Thanks.

cpclergymama said...

I agree with almost everything. I loved City of Angels, even the ending. I guess I like to know that things are not perfect, even for "perfect" people. Either that or I am just so down and twisted that I like to see others in pain and misery too?
Great play!

Kievas said...

I remember the Newhart ending (in reruns) although I never watched much of the original show. Mostly, I remember Larry, Darryl, and Darryl :)

Cathy said...

"it isn't over until he graduates from college"

...then it still isn't over....

mompriest said...

I hated City of Angels, especially the ending. It was stupid and awful...and then it goes on to show his agony. The entire movie was intense angst in slow motion.

Head and heart, yeah. That's about right...sigh.

Martha said...

Just finished I Know This Much is True a couple weeks ago. LOVED the book--but, like you, hated the ending. Did Lamb just get tired or what?!?

Diane said...

like all your bests and worsts.. and love love love your bonus... yeah, he graduates from college.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh yeah, Bob Newhart. That was great. On his earlier and his later shows.

Didn't care much for City of Angels. There is such a thing as being TOO into your role and Nicholas Cage went that direction here.