Monday, October 1, 2007

I had a wedding this weekend - off site, nonmember. These are usually the easiest. I do counseling, show up for rehearsal, show up for wedding, exit stage left.

Off site can be interesting though in just trying to figure out what works best where. Usually a wedding coordinator can make or break you. I have had pretty good luck with them so far. The 'day of' wedding coordinator my sister had was brilliant.

At this rehearsal the wedding coordinator was busy doing other things.
And the bride seemed to have a bunch of different ideas that she liked from other weddings but had no idea how they were all going to fit together.
Both she and the groom were born in the 1980's.


One of the things we had to figure out at the rehearsal was when people would blow their bubbles at the couple. After a LOT of discussion it was decided that during my 'pre-ceremony, outdoor, turn off your cell phones' speech I would include a bit about blowing the bubbles at the couple as they recessed down the aisle. Whatever.

Then I heard the bride say something that I thought sounded like 'gun' and so I stopped and asked her to repeat. She said, "Well we have these bubble guns that shoot more bubbles. I guess we could give them to the flower girls."

To which I responded, "Well, I sure am glad that Jesus resurrected because he would be rolling in his grave on that one!"

Even her equally young bridesmaids had their eyes open wide and were shaking their heads 'no'.

Can you imagine the beautiful picture.... bride and groom up in the gazebo in front of the stairs, young, beautiful and handsome wedding party surrounding them and a 5 and a 6 year old flower girl on each side of the bride and groom, carrying their flowers... and their guns.

The crisis was averted.


more cows than people said...


could have used a wedding coordinator of any sort for our outdoor, off-site wedding last week?

it was zoo. but bubble guns? my goodness.

ppb said...

To which I responded, "Well, I sure am glad that Jesus resurrected because he would be rolling in his grave on that one!"

Just might be my new email signature.

Kathryn said...

First things first - sounds like you survived the day...well done you!

That sounds like a seriously deranged bride! I think I need enlightening re wedding co-ordinators, though. They just don't happen here at all.It's all the couple and maybe the bride's mum..Are co-ordinators a Good Thing??

Songbird said...

Lord, Lord.

Identity Mixed said...

People who were born in the 80s are old enough to get married?

Riverview United said...


Well then again, what is the quality of their relationship? You never know, guns might be appropriate.

Lorna said...

actually :)


hugs xx you did good!

Katherine said...

What an image.

Though I have to point out that yes, people born in the 80s are old enough to be married, and are even old enough be ordained and officiate at other peoples' weddings.


Wyldth1ng said...

Sounds like a succesful hitching party.

sherry said...

Gives new image and meaning to the term "shotgun wedding"

RevHRod said...

I think that wedding coordinators are the best thing ever. Especially for non-member weddings. They let you deal with the couple while they deal with the MOB and other terrors. But! and this is important- they have to be YOUR coordinator. Not one of those professionals that tells you what to do, but a member of the congregation that makes everything run just right. I don't think I ever want to do a wedding again without one.

For one thing, they'd have hidden the guns!

Towanda said...

You rock.