Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Things that Make Me Happy: The Domestic Goddess was here today.

Thus concludes the things that make me happy today report. The good news on the horizon is that Thanksgiving is early this year and in the recent past that has been when the emotional pall that I am under from Halloween until then is over.

I pray that even with the extra stress this year, that timetable remains the same... for everyone's sake.


cheesehead said...

Thank God for DG, eh?

PPB said...

So you're all shiny and clean?

more cows than people said...

oh, so glad you have a d.g.

IdentityMixed said...

Remember those thanksgivings we had at the shore. Two years in a row. And our worst problem was when when my husband opened a jar of onions and spilled them all over himself. Good times. I try to think about those.

will smama said...

Well, it was shiny and clean but add a Golden Retreiver and a toddler who is potty training to the mix and things get bleak again quickly.

Oh identity mixed... that just seems so very, very far away.

Kathryn said...

It's a stinker, isn't it? xxx