Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Extrovert

Hello. My name is will smama and I am an extrovert. (Hi will smama)

Certainly I have come down the scale as I have gotten older, but still I find myself filled with all of those ENFJ traits. One way I really struggle at the church where I am currently called is getting work done there in the afternoons when there is no one around. There is no buzz in the hallway, no one to bounce a thought to (I often speak out loud with the understanding that my admin or whoever else I am around at the time does not need to respond to me in any way). In a lot of ways while I am working on sermons the Preacher Party and gmail chat have become my extrovert outlet. Yet even with teh internets, I lose energy faster than I do when physically with others.

I explained to Listing Straight that I needed to use some continuing education time or else I was going to lose it with the stipulations that I wanted people around me, but also needed to get some work done, I needed the resources I am comfortable with, but could not stay at home, but also could not be too far away.

We talked a bit about one option and then she graciously offered this one, which is that I get to hang out with her and her family, she is working and so I work then too and when we are done they feed me and we watch good tv and movies and occasionally we 'IM' each other even when we are in the same room because we are dorks and that is what dorks think is funny.

It is good.
Really, really good.

So far I have knocked out January thru March worship and sermon plans which this year includes the next BIG church festival so 'yeah' for me.

In other news The Boy seems to be doing quite well for which I am so grateful. He spent a fun day with my parents yesterday and today and tomorrow gets to be with TDH. Friday back with my parents and then on Saturday we reunite and as I continue in my quest for the "Mother of the Year" award we are going to see Thomas. And we don't just see him, we ride on him AND another train.

We are meeting friends of mine from home for this event but I am fully aware that I may be in full Mommy mode for a little boy who wants my full attention after being gone from him for so long.

And believe me, I am ok with that.


ppb said...

I am not an extrovert, but I really can't write sermons without company. I need someone to throw my ideas at. Sigh. If I could just get that cat/ english decoder.

Enjoy the LS time followed by the Thomas show!

RevHRod said...

Good for you! And geeky as it might be, my sister and I have played internet scrabble together while sitting on the same couch. It's goofy, good fun!

And Thomas! You are a good Mom.

Listing Straight said...

We are so very glad you are here...

Songbird said...

Bravo!! Good work today. And thanks for encouraging me.

Cathy said...

You made me laugh out loud when you wrote about IM in the same room - I understand that totally.

As for being an E - which I am - but barely now. As I get older, my E is sliding ever so slightly over to where I am about in the middle, and sometimes I think I edge into I land. It's a good thing to be over in that shadow side.

YAY for being with friends and I KNOW the boy will love Thomas.

cheesehead said...


Kathryn said...

So glad you're getting the opportunity you need...and that Thomas is chuffing his way into town soon too.
Much love and productive thoughts for you

Rev Scott said...

I write sermons alone, but I definitely need people around for other aspects of ministry - that office is just too damned quiet during the week for me. Sometimes it's creepy. I definitely hear you on the 'thinking out loud' bit - I do it all the time.

IdentityMixed said...

An ENTJ checking in. A stay at home mom ENTJ... which is why we go somewhere every day!

And I often IM my hubby when we are in the same room. It does not amuse him nearly as much as it does me.

Sue said...


I am Chorus said...

Also in the IM'ing each other while we're in the same room group. Good geeky fun, that.

Mary Beth said...

Have fun on the TRAIN! Woo woo!

RevAnne said...

STRONG extrovert here, too. Taking a 3 day vacation by myself. It's good, but really hard. I've been talking to people all day in pottery shops, so it's not like I've been along...but there's still tonight to get thru.
We should have a RevGals clearinghouse for places to have con't ed like yours. I'd host...but you'd have to talk to me at night!