Saturday, December 1, 2007

I've Been Spoiled

As you read this I am traveling. Planes, trains and automobiles are all on the agenda today.

I am coming off of four days of being absolutely spoiled. Good eats, good beverages, good laughs, GREAT hospitality and I even used my time wisely. Sermons and worship planned through Easter. A major document related to my career nearly complete. This Sunday's sermon done and worship through Advent planned. It really is amazing what one can get done when she sets her mind to it... and doesn't have to make or clean up any meals, and has no toddler depending on her, and the phone is not ringing with church requests, and, and, and... I didn't even have to make the coffee in the morning.

Listing Straight and Mr. Listing and Little Listing absolutely went out of their way to give me a break from my life for a few days and it has been grand. I am rested, full and my batteries are recharged.

Truly, I am blessed to have friends such as these.

Of course we did warp Little Listing just a teensy, weensy bit. When she came in to say good night and good-bye to me she did not give me a hug. She did, however, ball up her cute little fist and gently tap me on the shoulder. ]*


Kathryn said...

It all sounds utterly perfect - wish I thought I could ever plan that far ahead, even with good friends to encourage me and keep me on task.
Safe journey - and blissful reunion with The Boy xx

Listing Straight said...

We were spoiled by having you here. Thank you. It was a FABULOUS visit.

I think I needed it more than I realized.

Anonymous said...

And LL--how cute.


more cows than people said...

oh hooray!

LadyBurg said...

I'm so glad it was fun and renewing! LL is too cute.

Songbird said...

I love the shoulder chuck!

Sue said...

How lovely for all of you!


Wyldth1ng said...

Awesome for you.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

The image of LL gently chucking you on the shoulder is a very dear and sweet one