Friday, December 14, 2007

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Advent Waiting Edition

Thanks to Mother Laura for this week's Friday Five:

Can you believe that in two days we'll be halfway through Advent? Gaudete Sunday: pink candle on the advent wreath, rose vestments for those who have them, concerts and pageants in many congregations. Time to rejoice!

Rejoice in the nearness of Christ's coming, yes, but also in the many gifts of the pregnant waiting time when the world (in the northern hemisphere, at least) spins ever deeper into sweet, fertile darkness.

What makes you rejoice about:

1. Waiting?
Well, now that I am older my brain is able to about 95% wrap around the idea that things are usually worth the wait. The other 5% rejoices when the waiting is over!

2. Darkness?
The lights look brighter in the darkness.

3. Winter?
LOVE snow. LOVE playing in the snow. LOVE coming in and warming up.

4. Advent?
The controlled build up to Christmas is one I always consider fun and an honor to guide my congregants through.

5. Jesus' coming?
I'm very much for Jesus coming.


Sally said...

Love it- I am very much for Jesus coming too!

Wyldth1ng said...


Queen Mum said...

"The lights look brighter in the darkness." Yes, indeed. Peace to you.

Singing Owl said...

Number five...made me giggle. I'm for it too. :-) Short and sweet answers, Will Smama. Blessings to you and the boy today.

Lorna said...

me too singing owl :) me too.

Blessings will Smama and Boy.

PS word verification? JOYSCS!

Mother Laura said...

Great play!

Songbird said...

Amen to #5!