Saturday, December 8, 2007

What? Me Worry?

Seems there is a good chance that TOW1 (The Other Woman 1 for those of you recently joining in the conversation) and hubby and children will be in worship tomorrow. I meet with them Monday with a mediator.

I love Advent. So relaxing.

And I love that TDH gets to spend the weekend blissfully with TOW2 while I continue to slog through The Mess he left behind.

Sigh... chocolate martini at the Christmas party I am going to tonight? Can I get a "Hell yes!" from the congregation?


Mary Beth said...

Just one martini? I think not!

Don't bother imagining them in their underwear. How about, "on fire"? or "made of antimatter"?

How long, O Lord!?

Anonymous said...

Hell, yes!

Why does she think she gets to come there for worship? I thought the exec suggested she find a new church? I understand hubby and kids. They are, after all, victims in this as well, but she really needs to find a new church.

Preferably one with confession.

Lots and lots of confession.

No martinis for her!!!


Songbird said...

Hell yes!

Rev Kim said...

And another "hell, yes" from here, too. I cannot believe these people. I know of a Session who actually voted a member out of the congregation because the member's behavior was so heinous and detrimental to the congregation and pastor.

Praying for the meeting on Monday, too. Do you have someone who can go with you and be there just for you?

Presbyfruit said...

"Hell to the Yes," insofar as the martini is concerned.

Kathryn said...

Hell YES...Several martinis for you....bread and water for her...How dare they put you through all this? It beggars belief.
TTCJ needed fast.

PK said...

Hell yes... times 2 (doubles). Find a DD friend.

TOW needs to find lots and lots of confession... and 4 times as much repentance.

In the mean time... we are helping you row... with prayers and non-touchyfeely hugs.

Sue said...

Hell Yes!!!! And then some.

Do we need to enlist the TTCoJ for you on Monday? This woman has some nerve showing her face in your church.

It would be great if you could take someone with you for support on Monday. I mean, someone except all of us bloggy buddies who are praying and rowing for you...

will smama said...

Monday is a good thing. I need to step out of this drama and until we can 'talk' about their future at this church (or lack of same) that is not going to happen. The clerk of session is coming with me and there will be a mediator who is a retired clergy member of this presbytery and a friend of mine.

I was moving on, but in order for the church to be able to do the same we must have this clearing of the air. Then things can fall wherever they may and I am no longer responsible. This family will be in the community far longer than I will.

cheesehead said...

HELL to the yes!

zorra said...

HELL YES!! How long will you be at the party? Make it two.

Unbelievable. I know I keep saying that. But it is.

Towanda said...

Hell. Yes.

God_Guurrlll said...


Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW ... I hope that the congregation, while offering her Christian love, will also offer her and her family the cold shoulder about staying as a member.