Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, put me at the top of your list of people who are most happy to see the year flip from one to the other. Like every year 2008 will have its ups and downs but 2007 was seriously starting to get on my nerves.

2008 started off well enough as a couple that has been on the top of my prayer list for a couple of years now as they journey through infertility informed me they are pregnant. It's still early and I am still praying but that was some sweet, sweet news.

Tomorrow it's back to work and it is going to be intense as ALL of the things I put off in order to survive Advent/Christmas are just waiting there to POUNCE. Officer ordination and installation this Sunday? Sure, no problem! Session retreat next weekend - OKAY!

I've set some reasonable professional and personal goals for 2008 - nothing too crazy but none of them are a given either. One of them is to lighten up this blog a bit... nothing fraudulent; just a reminder to continue to be blessed by the lighter side of life.

So.... my friend traveling these past few days texted me to say she had landed at her connection airport and hoped there was a Starbuck's. This reminded me that as I left from my post-Thanksgiving hide-a-way I made it through security and found a Starbuck's that had my seasonal fave - peppermint mocha - and thought myself to be way too cool as I made it on the plane with my mocha, iPod and my lappie. I looked good - young, relaxed and professional. And I could tell others thought so too as they were looking at me as if I had something to show them.

And when I made it to a bathroom at my own connecting airport I realized I did have something to show them - a HUGE brown spot of peppermint mocha that had spilled and dried right on the very tip of my nose.

Look at me now!


St. Casserole said...

Blessings to you in the New Year and a pocket mirror to check for nose things, mocha dried patches and spinach teeth.

I don't want no stinking hugs

Songbird said...


Kathryn said...

Some 16 years ago, we spent New Year's Eve with a good friend whose year had taken the same route as 07 did for you...As the chimes of midnight faded, he opened our front door and yelled "S** Off" to the departing year.
I think of him and giggle every year now - and yes, the year that followed was hugely better and he has been happy with his new partner for over a decade.
So....lots of hopes and prayers for a good year - and many opportunities for giggles along the way :-)

God_Guurrlll said...

And I thought I was the only one who walked through life with a bit of dried mocha on my nose.

Peace and Happy New Year.

Preacher Mom said...

Mocha nose - now that's an interesting new look!

May 2008 be VERY good to you!

more cows than people said...


and alleluia for your friends. i pray that they have a happy and healthy nine months.

and here's to a new year, phew!

and thank God for laughter.

Sue said...

Mmm...peppermint mocha is my favourite. Now I'm wondering how many times I've walked around with mocha-nose. Hm.

A blessed New Year to you.

I am Chorus said...

All the best to you and The Boy for a peaceful New Year.