Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Post (lame I know)

We’re very very busy
And we’ve got a lot to do
And we haven’t got a minute
To explain it all to you
For on Sunday Monday Tuesday
There are people we must see
And on Wednesday Thursday Friday
We’re as busy as can be

With our most important meetings
And our most important calls
And we have to do so many things
And post them on the walls…

We have to hurry far away
And then we hurry near
And we have to hurry everywhere
And be both there and here
And we have to send out messages
\By e-mail, phone, and fax
And we’re talking every minute
And we really can’t relax

And we think there is a reason
To be running neck-and-neck
And it must be quite important
But we don’t have time to check.

Lyrics by Sandra Boynton


LadyBurg said...

Sorry. Too much busyness sucks!

Songbird said...

As long as you're okay. And the mouse didn't fall off the wheel.

Gord said...

Oh I love Boynton! I especially like the last lines.

ANd I know the feeling--currently I am trying to plan Lent (already! so soon!) as a way of avoiding writing my Annual Report.

cheesehead said...

I'm in the annual report avoidance mode with you, Gord.

WS: ]*

revrosa said...


Crimson Rambler said...

HATE the annual report, HATE IT -- and my predecessor here used to publish a tally of how many phone calls, how many counselling sessions, how many letters, how many visits...gahhhh!

Sue said...

sorry about the busyness cheese. I hear ya!

Oooo, crimson rambler - that's awful!!! Pastors who tally up their performance like that strike me as being very insecure. It's as if they're trying to prove that they are worthy of receiving their paycheck. I hope you don't have to follow that pattern of reporting...

more cows than people said...

wow. glad i'm not the only one avoiding the annual report.

i was also avoiding the to-do list... which is rare for me. i just didn't want to see it all written down.

more cows than people said...

btw... sorry to hear you're so busy... grace to get you through it.

Michele R said...

Love Sandra Boynton. Hope you have lots of her books for The Boy. Check out "Snuggle Puppy." It always brightens my day.

ElastiGirl said...

But not the hippo -

Deb said...

We DO that song far too much... sigh. but I am working on it too.