Thursday, January 3, 2008

Small (miniscule) Steps

And so I read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal,Vegetable, Miracle. Well, I read most of it since it was on reserve at the libary which means no extending past the two weeks and the two weeks I had it was right over Christmas. She lost me deep into the chapter about asparagus and I had to skip January and February.

But she did inspire me and so this Friday - tomorrow! - friends are coming over and I am making my first attempt at pizza from scratch.

Of course the main theme of the book is the positives of eating locally; one of the biggest being that by eating locally we reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to bring our food to us. So although I am sure she appreciates any kind of small steps that may be made towards eating healthier, slower and surrounded by friends and family I am not so sure she would find the positives in me buying the yeast needed from Walmart... or that it was shipped from the other side of the nation.


I promise to hit the local Farmer's Market when it opens.


Mark Smith said...

Some pizza tips:

1. It works best if you have a pizza stone. Failing that, put a baking tray upside down in the oven and let it get HOT before you put the pizza on it.
2. Semolina flour keeps the crust from sticking to the pizza stone or substitute.
3. Be sure the oven is fully preheated. This is critical to a good crust.
4. If you don't have a pizza peel (the wooden spatula to remove it from the oven) use a cardboard box. The key is getting the whole pizza to slide onto the peel or substitute while remaining flat.

Good luck!

Teri said...

1. Agreed on the pizza stone.
2. Agreed on the asparagus chapter.
3. Are you making your own cheese too? Honestly, that sounds like the most fun part. I just ordered the mozzarella-making-for-dummies kit from the new england cheesemaking supply place. Then I can just eat the cheese and skip the pizza-crust-making. (healthy? what?)
4. Farmer's Markets are awesome.

Okay, no more numbered lists for me--I seem to have gone off the deep end with this particular new year thing. It stops here, I promise. :-)

I am Chorus said...

I love our local Farmer's Market... and visit it about twice a year, if I'm lucky. I don't know why it's so hard to be deliberate about going to place I enjoy, but it is. Perhaps I'll add that to the list of resolutions.

will smama said...

1) Got it!
2) I'll remember that for next time.
3) Check!
4) Excellent tip

1) Good.
2) Seriously.
3) Yes, the cheese intrigues me, but anything where temperature taking and chemistry is KEY scares the crap out of me.
4) I can't wait!

Mary Beth said...

I adore our Farmer's Market but it is only open June thru September. Snif.

I think BK is suggesting that we do what we can, and THINK about it...finding locally made yeast would probably drive you mad!! to say nothing of driving to a city to get it...

Cathy said...

I think the title of the post says it all - small miniscule steps - do a little bit at a time.

BTW,I don't remember the asparagus part. And she does get wordy.

Where else do people get yeast? Heck if I know.

Pink Shoes said...

I'm reading this book right now, after having bought it in June.... just got through the asparagus part (which I read with interest b/c it grows wild at my parents' house...) but she's getting wordy.
The pizza sounds fabulous!

IdentityMixed said...

I have big plans on growing vegetables this coming summer. But I'll have to kill a lot of rabbits to accomplish that. Does she mention that at all?

Crimson Rambler said...

ummmmm...the yeast thing. You can make a flour & water batter, spread cheesecloth over it, set it on the porch, and wait for wild yeasties to find it and make....SOURDOUGH!!! (I had a Klondike grandma, you see)(although sourdough's faster if you cheat and use Fleischmann's) ;-)