Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Highlights

* My son turning 3.

* My transmission going BEFORE the extended warranty ran out.

* The GIANTS improbable Super Bowl run and stunning victory.

* In my hair.

Really. Me. The self-proclaimed low-maintenance jock had the gray along the hair line taken out and some subtle "warm" highlights put in.

Of course, have I SEEN anyone who knows me since I did this? No. The next person who sees me will be my son. The one presumbly right after him will be TD(almost)x.

Think he'll notice?

Think I care? And friends, the fact that I don't is yet another highlight.


Reformed Catholic said...

Think I care? And friends, the fact that I don't is yet another highlight.

Sounds like someone has come to terms and is moving on with her life.

Mazel Tov !!

Towanda said...

Great last line.

limoncelloSTYLE said...

well great. i had JUST started to come to terms with the gray along MY hairline and thought, 'well, my sister already thinks i am high maintenance enough...maybe i let this go.'

imngrace said...

Sounds like you are washing out more than the gray... woo-hoo!

Songbird said...

You rock, ws!

God_Guurrlll said...

I've had gray hair since I was 17 so I'm used to the look. However since I've moved out East I tell people I used to be blonde, then I got ordained...

will smama said...

Well, when beginning last July my gray hairs doubled I decided to put the blame squarely on him and justified putting my hair back to where it should be... or fine, was. Although it has never been quite this color before and that is taking some time to get used to.

I think I am going to go to bed and see what I think when I forget and just see it in the mirror.

concretegodmother said...

what towanda said.