Thursday, May 22, 2008

Staying Present

Although quite embedded in the search for the next call I have been trying very hard to stay in the now and give my current call the energy and focus it deserves.

That said, I am so done with the Memorial Day Weekend Sunday as Sacrament thing.

We are singing three hymns, doing a litany and the rest will focus on lectionary.
This very well could hasten my need to search for the next call!

Speaking of which... I have an idea in my head that related to the post below my goal in my next call will be to make that place a beacon of light for people looking for an open and affirming place to worship. It won't be overnight. My plan is to outlast those who are against such things.

I even know where I am going to do it... if only they would call me for an interview ;)

Probably won't open the conversation with my 'beacon of light' goal though.


Joan Calvin said...

I don't do secular holidays. My one exception is Memorial Day. Then I read a list of those who have died in the last few months in Iraq. Three months takes about 10 minutes. No comment on the war or its rightness or wrongness. Just read the names and remember.

You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I heard the same suggestion that Joan makes above from none other than BBT. And I've been to your Memorial Day service (so much for the anonymous that it will post with this). It would be prophetic for you to do so. Cause the people who have made Memorial day the sacred cow it is seemed just a little pro Bush-pro war to me. So, since I don't have to do it, and don't have to live with your people, I suggest from the outside that you read those names too.

Well, you probably shouldn't, since it would piss some good people off. Maybe your last Sunday? Cause it could well make it your last Sunday.

Oh, and feel free to delete this post. It probably shouldn't be here.

will smama said...

Joan, thank you.
"Anonymous" - I hear you but I think if done within the prayer and mentioned why it is being done in the bulletin it will be appreciated for what it is - recognition for men and women who are far more important than even the sparrows.... and I heard BBT say that too.

Songbird said...

I believe you will achieve your goal.
But will we still be friends when I tell you that for the next two Memorial Day Sundays, I will be at graduations?
::ducks and runs::

esperanza said...

Memorial Day aside, it's hard to keep your heart in the here and now when you're looking ahead and elsewhere. I'm impressed that you're doing it, and well. Transitions are tough in so many ways.

Mary Beth said...

YEAH BABY (on the the next call idea)

Memorial Day as Sacrament: Ugh.

mid-life rookie said...

Next CALL... hmmm wonder what God has in mind. Went to an incredible workshop on changing the culture of a church from the inside out using ripples of influence rather than the big splash, big announcement, new program approach we often take. If you want more info, email me.

Identity Mixed said...

Oh how I wish you'd move this direction. But I have a feeling you're headed the other way (geographically speaking). Our small town church is moving and shaking. Good stuff going on here!

Gord said...

As one who may soon be in active search mode I would love hints about the "stay focussed on curretn while searching" piece.

ANd you know there is a process for people from other denominations to work within the UCCan. Just saying...

PK said...

I mentioned the wounded and dead soldiers in the prayers. That's it. No more. My husband serves. I'm proud of it... but worship is worship not a political stump.

Prayers on discernment... and perhaps of "their" discovery of your availability!!!! BTW... I know the feeling... too well.

ElastiGirl said...

uuuggghhh on the Memorial Day - went ot the Feast of Corpus Christi in NYC on Sunday - greatness!

stf (lorna) said...

You are a beacon of light. anyone who gets you and allows you to run with the vision will be blessed

btw I've moved urls