Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching Up

'Catching up' is my theme this week as I catch up with my sleep, nephew, and you.

a) Catching up on sleep...

Last Friday The Boy came home asleep in the car. There was no waking him up... until 2am when he woke up on his own, came into my room and said, "Mom! Mom! I want to be wake up!" There was no convincing him otherwise. He's three and 1/2 and he had 9 hours of sleep.

My Mom had stayed over since the original plan was that I would leave at 5:30am for the bike ride and in order to keep her rested we went downstairs where I grabbed what naps I could in between requests for a different movie, Cheerios, juice and "will you please play with cars, please."

5am I finally rouse my Mom because there is no way to get out the door without her presence and even though I was up at 2 I end up leaving late which means I end up finally getting on my bike an hour late which I know means I am going to pay for it on the other end in heat exhaustion.

52 miles on the bike, without pushing too hard due to tendinitis-y knees and a fear of not having enough left at the end, translates into five hours on the bike. You never go more than 10 miles without a rest stop so it really ends up being a nice ride but that last hour in the sun and humidity is something I am still paying for. So I am catching up on sleep and energy... still.

b) Catching up on nephew...

My nephew from Florida is staying with me for a couple of weeks. He is 16 so it took me THREE grocery store trips to catch up to his eating needs. It's fun to have him up here and I know it is good for him too as his family can be a little intense (in my opinion). His family was up here last year when I heard the news about TOW1 and in a very odd choice decided to STAY IN MY HOME as tdx and I walked big circles around each other and the life I knew crumbled apart. tdx and nephew's Dad are brothers so that explains the inherited trait of ignoring conflict.

Nephew's sister is the one who once asked me why I was wearing boy shoes.
I was wearing sneakers.

Anyway, nephew and I get along great and so far he has totally pitched in without being asked and is a joy to have around a both dog and boy have a playmate.

c) Catching up on you...
How ARE you? Thank you for continuing to check in here. I have been slowly making the mental transition to returning back to humorous musings and short essays on life as clergy and human being rather than a spew-fest of 'Why My Life Sucks Today'. Still, single-parenting, full-time working, and job searching has taken a bite out of my schedule and I fear blog surfing and posting has been one of the first things to be moved down the 'to do' list.

I miss you.

Some random happy thoughts:
- The weather today is GORGEOUS. Low 80's, no humidity. Thank you may I have another!
- Over $1300 raised for MS. WOW!!! You all are wonderful as I know your prayers were absolutely behind me. THANK YOU!
- I still love my tattoo. Love. It.
- The Boy - even at 2am - is awesome. I am hoping to get a pic soon of the two of us together since that is one thing that doesn't naturally happen anymore.

More soon....


Mark Smith said...

You want to know how I am?

OK. A short list.

1. Heading to Montreat with the youth group this weekend, the first long far-away trip with youth since I WAS a youth.
2. My credit card number was used in an attempt at fraud. I now have a new account number, and no real downside for me.
3. I had to drive home in the hardest rain seen since Noah, plus hail. 4 car lengths of visibility. It was ennervating.

Mostly I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Songbird said...

It can happen at my house!!! And I feel sure it will.

RevDrKate said...

Came over to catch up....lots been going on in your life, too! Glad to hear it's mostly good stuff. Miss you, too.

mid-life rookie said...

Glad you are catching up. Hee Hee groceries for a 16 year old - welcome to my world - and a look into your future! Mine has added biking to his running schedule so more food and more milk!

DogBlogger said...

Miss you, too! I can definitely understand how blogging has moved down your to-do list... but I'm still very glad to read the update. :)

PK said...

I'm glad you are back... and starting to get rested up!!! Ready to see the pic of you and the boy. You can whine/rant/vent any time.

more cows than people said...

funny. i was just thinking an hour or so ago... "i wonder what is up with p/b/p. i need to catch up with her blog."

and now i have.


peace to you.

Kathryn said...

Lovely to hear you! and glad your head is approximately above water and that the ride went well too.
Hope that nephew exhausts The Boy sufficiently to allow you lots of catch up sleep while he's here.
I'm getting all over excited re return of Hugger Steward from Darkest Africa on Monday and enjoying life with a new puppy. Rumour has it there are a couple of churches out there that think I'm their vicar...maybe I should investigate this, once I've stopped playing tug of war with an old sock and a golden retriever :-)
Happy Summer Saturday xxx

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

Nephew's sister is the one who once asked me why I was wearing boy shoes.
I was wearing sneakers.

I remember that from last year and I sniggered then - and again today when I (belatedly) read this ...

glad you have a fun nephew :)