Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Election Evolution

The difference 8 years makes!

And I don't mean just nationally.

Eight years ago I was such a pessimist about our political system. Why should I care? The politicians were career politicians and my one little vote didn't matter anyway. From what I saw all they were interested in was the lobbyists or their interns or both. And so in 2000 I did not even bother with my absentee ballot. A lot of us didn't bother with our absentee ballots that we should have sent in to the 'F'allic State and we all know what happened there.

Four years later I was more impassioned about Bush needing to be out, than I was about Kerry needing to be in. But the religious WAY right took over the election and the Democrats responded weakly - if at all - and Kerry and Edwards were not responding to allegations and lies as I thought they should. And Bush and company stayed in.

Now this year I liked Hilary but I LOVE Barack and I feel very vulnerable because of it. He won. HE WON! And now I find that every headline that passes on my screen I hold my breath a little bit. For the first time ever in my life, a President is MY candidate and I want him to succeed. Badly. I am invested in his tenure as President and maybe that is exactly the point.

I think this is what has ignited a nation, if not united it... yet. Finally a man - and his family - have captured our imaginations of what COULD be.

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