Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on Lent 5

This is just me sitting in my virtual coffee house throwing out random thoughts as I do research/prayer/thinking about this Sunday's sermon:

Scripture: Psalm 51:1-12; John 12:20-33
Working Title: Fear of Falling

- Well, my first thought in Lent 5 is that I am sick of Lent. But much like Groundhog Day, I think that is the point.

- Serving the Lord is an 'all-in' committment, as is confession, as is worship. How many Reformed Protestants do YOU know that worship 'all-in'?!

- "We wish to see Jesus." - GET IN LINE!

- Focusing in on the grain of wheat that 'falls'. I wonder if as it was falling the grain of wheat also thought it was failing.

- Are we the grain of wheat clinging to keep from falling or are we bearing fruit?

- Do I get one more death/Lenten/Oh the humanity sermon in before the allelulia's kick in?

- 'Paradox' is the word. Jesus' ministry - paradox. earthly kingdom values/goals vs. grace & eternity = paradox

- Commentaries speak of BIG things: war, racism, sexism... what about personal/individual paradoxes: forgiven for our debts, but refuse to forgive our debtors, love God but hate that guy over there, hoarding of our personal gifts

- Jesus is SO RIGHT he refuses to fight the system. John's Jesus already knows he has 'them' beat

- Jesus ascts out of freedom NOT to buy into the system. Do we mere mortals have that freedom... even with the promise of eternal life?

- Is it okay to live within the earthly system if we continue to make the choice not to be owned/defined by it? Is grace for those places/times when we fail to make the right choice?

- Where does judgment fit in with all of this?

- On the cross, Jesus exposes (judges?) the system

- my brain hurts... and quite frankly, I am a little afraid.

FOCUS (what the sermon aims to say):
The hour has come.

FUNCTION (what the sermon aims to do):
Push folks to re-evaluate the choices they make in their lives and make changes.


Songbird said...

I'm working with the Jeremiah passage and the gospel, and I have decided there is no combination of texts for this week that would not be terrifying, in one way or another. So maybe *that's* the point...

Drew Tatusko said...

The bit that pops out to me with the John passage is how Jesus is troubled yet he says even if something is troubling, if you are called to do it and that is your purpose, do it anyway.

And then ironically the time of judgment becomes an act of grace.

Kathrynzj said...

SB - Yes. Terrifying. I seemed to have picked the less popular Psalm from what I have heard others are preaching.

DT - I think you are on it (of course I also know this is where you are right now) but I wonder if first people must dig down to find their purpose because earthly kingdom goals/concerns have buried it

Songbird said...

Yes, to that last thought. I woke in the middle of the night thinking something similar. And really, this is a good time for preaching these things, isn't it?

Jennifer said...

Amen. I think it's a really, really good time to be preaching these things.

Anonymous said...

Missing you girl!