Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sermon Ponderings - Easter 7

First, I am sorry I am not more consistent with posts. My current commute and responsibilities has placed a lot of things lower on the priority list - keeping up with friends, blogs and tv shows fall into that category. Soon...

This is just me sitting in my virtual coffee house throwing out random thoughts as I do research/prayer/thinking about this Sunday's sermon:

Scripture: Psalm 1; Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
Working Title: Are You the Chosen One?

How do Memorial Day Weekend and a baptism fit into this? Certainly baptism does (but of course, only at 11).

It is the supplemental verse for this go-around but sometime I will use Psalm 1 for a sermon on choices.

How mainline denominational of them to worry less about the ascension of Jesus than of filling Judas' spot on the board.

Is it possible Peter got over-anxious (it wouldn't be unlike him) and rushed to 'fix' things before the Holy Spirit had a chance to speak (Gonazalez).

Matthias is never mentioned again so it could be interpreted that Peter made the wrong choice BUT the church still exists so... Spirit's power to build up is stronger than human's penchant to destroy. Maybe.

This text is quickly become an emergent post-modernist's dream. Down with structure! Down with what has worked before!

Effective leadership in the church must be Holy Spirit based - gender, age, color of skin, etc... don't matter.

Prayer key element of effective leadership via the Holy Spirit.

Just because we enver see the namesof Matthias and Justus again, does that automatically mean that they didn't do anything for the church?

Scripture for the unsung heroes.

I could do some things with Judas here, but I think I will save that for another year.

The church needs structure, but the HEART of the church is the Holy Spirit and her mission, not the structure.

Don't want to overplay the disappearance of Matthias from the text but also think it could be a good hook, especially with the baptismal vow the second service folks will be taking. Don't disappear on that child of God! Don't walk away because the structure that used to be, no longer works. You made a vow!

What the Sermon Aims to Say: Effective leadership in the church must be driven and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

What the Sermon Aims to Do: Encourage folks to respond to Holy Spirit's movement in them and in the church.