Friday, June 26, 2009

Where You At?

Hi friends! Just checking in to let you know that The Move is fast approaching - 3 days. In the meantime the internet is no longer available in my current home which leaves very little time for personal blogging since it would have to be done at work.

We sign the papers Tuesday. The wireless at the new house goes in Wednesday... before the majority of our stuff on Friday!

It's all good. See ya on the flip side!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Trader Joe's Edition

What?! Two posts in two days?! Sign of the apocalypse?
No, just a sign that I am not preaching this Sunday.

1. Grocery shopping--love it or hate it?
Hate. It.
When the ex left I often figured the grocery store was the most likely place folks would finally see me crack, thumb in mouth, crouched in the fetal position by the meat counter.

2. Who is the primary food shopper in your household?
Have I mentioned I hate it? I am wondering which grandparent is going to take over that role since my Mom hates it too and my Dad tends to freelance (read: buy only cheap stuff) a bit too much when he goes.

3. Do you have a beloved store like TJ's which is unique to your location or family? No. I live in southcentral PA. We are lucky grocery stores finally have salad bars. There is a Wegman's nearby that is fun, but still... even with a coffee shop and the now permissable sale of alcohol, it is still a grocery store. And as dicussed above, I hate them.

4. How about a farmer's market, or CSA share, as we move into summer? Or do you grow your own fruits/veggies/herbs?
I did my best to keep the local farmer's market going but alas poor management was its undoing. Once we move, I will locate the local fresh stuff.

5. What's the favorite thing you buy at the grocery store?
The last thing... because that means I can leave.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Long Run

On June 29, 2007 I came home to a letter at my door that changed everything. Since then many words and phrases have become familiar territory such as:
head spinning
survival mode
the long run.

When I asked him to leave our home... "In the long run we'll be better because we had this time of separation."

When he announced in counseling that there was yet another someone else... "In the long run it will be better to be away from what this marriage had become."

When he remarried... "In the long run this will be a cleaner break for all."

The salve to every pain that has come with my broken heart has been clarified by the phrase, "In the long run..."

And I knew it was true. I knew that in the long run my parenting would be better, my independence would be sweeter, my heart would be stronger and my life would be better. But when? When would that be?

If on the evening of June 29, 2007 you had said it would only take two years, no one would have believed it. And yet on June 30, 2009 I will close on my new townhome and complete the move from where I was to the better and stronger person I have become.

Officially the address will be Mill Road, but I know we will have finally arrived at The Long Run.