Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good Exorcise

Yes, I spelled the title correctly.

It is done now, or in my line of work we like to say: It is finished.
As I mentioned in my previous post I had help breaking down the boxes and cleaning out the last remnants of our seven and a half years in the manse. I give thanks to God for the two women - one a friend from seminary, one the Clerk of Session at the new church - who both understood the magnitude but were not as burdened as I by the memories.

Seminary friend attacked the downstairs boxes with a vengeance and told me she was grateful for an opportunity to work through some of her disappointment in the ex and drive away from the manse for the last time. Both women worked hard as we stuffed every space in my car with pieces of cardboard so only one run to the recycling needed to be made. Then both vans were loaded with trash and taken to my Clerk's home where they have 'unlimited trash' (my new favorite phrase). And yes, the last church had a dumpster, but it had been full and basically unusable by me for the last month. Let's not go there.

It was good to sweat out the last hours there, making the break from then to now complete. My current clerk also gave me another gift. She asked me to show her around the manse which helped push away the more recent ghosts for some really fun memories.
"This is where we slept on the floor the first night even though we had none of our stuff."
"This is where we brought home our son on a strangely warm February day."

The next morning was the last one and it was the final exorcism. The short version is that three men from the church were in the manse already when I arrived. This combined with paint cans and full dumpsters and a furnace that had not worked since March even though I have been paying rent was the straw that broke the camel's back.
And. I. lost. it.

It's done and so that is enough said, but in a way I am glad I got to unload that baggage too and totally get a fresh start here.

And so that is the last few remnants from Volume I. Volume II begins with a new job, a new house, a new understanding of who I am, a new appreciation for my friends and a new nephew.

I have to admit, part of me hopes it's not a page turner.


Songbird said...


Jane Ellen+ said...

Indeed. What Songbird said. Twice.

Reformed Catholic said...

Blessings on the future!!

FWIW ... your stories about manse living has made a friend of mine who just graduated seminary say that if she reads a CIF listing a manse, she immediately writes it off.

pastornines said...

What she said, triple.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Volume II has now really begun. May it be filled with joy... gladness... newness... and all things that are God good.

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Jennifer said...

What a relief and how healthy...a new start! Godspeed.