Saturday, July 4, 2009


Being handed the keys - priceless.
Hearing your little boy exclaim, "Wow!" when he sees his room - priceless.
Seeing the design you picked out from small squares of materials all come together and look wonderful - priceless.
Sitting on the back porch enjoying coffee and the breeze - priceless.
Sleeping on a mattress on a box spring on a bed frame instead of a mattress on a floor - priceless.
Having a bathroom all to yourself - priceless.
Not having to do everything all on your own any more - priceless.
No longer on the grounds of the church, but less than 10 minutes away - priceless.

I guess it's all not really priceless. I handed over a pretty good check and from what I hear mortgage payments are expected monthly. Then there is the fact that for the next two years I might as well just have my paychecks deposited at Lowe's.

But then you can't put a price on freedom.
You can't put a price on peace of mind.
You can't put a price on coming out the other side of the tunnel.

Unpacking boxes and at the same time feeling the weight of the world come off your shoulders -



Teri said...

Amen! I'm glad you're enjoying your new home. I do wonder, though, why you're giving all your money to Lowe's if your house is brand new? (can you tell I'm coveting your never-before-lived-in house right now, as I look at the things I need to give money to Lowe's for?) I thought new houses were all ready and pretty already when you moved in?

Kathrynzj said...

basement shelving, sports gear rack, window blinds and installation.

To name a few.

There are some glitches in the new house, but we report them and they come out and fix them (supposedly). So far, so good on that.

Songbird said...

Sports gear rack. Yes, that sounds like a necessity!
Glad you're in the new place!!!

Katherine said...

I'm all weepy. I'm just so happy you are where you are, especially after you've been where you've been.

Kathryn said...

Welcome home, my friend :-)

DogBlogger said...

*contented sigh*


zorra said...

So glad to hear.

Jennifer said...

I'm shedding tears of joy for you, too!

mid-life rookie said...

Knowing this is sooooooo much more than a new house, I'm raising prayers of joy and thanksgiving right now. It's wonderful to "watch" your healing process.

Mary Beth said...

Woo and also hoo!