Thursday, July 16, 2009


What is it with the random stuff that we keep in our lives?
My own personal cache of all things clutterific has of course come to the forefront during the move. Just how many boxes do I have that are filled with non-recyclable, non-regiftable, non-charitable, non-yard saleable flotsam and jetsam?
Answer: TOO MANY!

At first while packing I was sorting. (In hindsight, I spent WAY too much time testing pens in the junk drawer.) Then I reached a higher level of panic and shifted from first gear sorting to fourth gear dumping. And now I have the boxes o' junk to prove it.

The blind installer is coming today and claimed he needed "only" two feet of room around every window to work. I again started out in sort mode and quickly realized I needed to take it up another level to 'just move it and sort it later' mode. The one plus is we have a huge, dry basement but we all know this is where boxes of clutter go to die. I want them out!

But the uber-sized, totally non-recyclable, shiny hair clip that only a little girl who didn't have enough hair for it would love... what about that?
The collage style picture frame with the pictures cut to size that are the only pics from a GIANTS game with my Gram, the day we were engaged, my sister's college recital and that has the faded matting.... what about that?
The giant GIANTS pillow... what about that? (okay, freecycle that one).

I am slightly tempted to hold a contest and mail out clutter boxes to the winners (losers?) with the caveat that they must email me to say, "it was all junk, nothing you wanted, I was able to recycle every last piece."

The good news is that the things that are random in my life right now are all just material junk and stuff. No longer are they painful random run-ins or comments, no more random tripping over a box of memories, no more random old house problems, no more random car in the parking lot causing me to wonder where the gas giftcards are or if I had forgotten a meeting.

This is a new life, new job, new space kind of random and I worked so hard for it and had so many folks pulling for me that it doesn't feel random at all.


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Anonymous said...

new ways to be... greatness!! my MIL challenged me to place the boxes of junk in the attic - we don;t have basements - and after one year, donate all of the boxes that had not been opened to Goodwill. I was not able to do it, but it is a way to clean out the clutter!

Kathrynzj said...

You know, I mainly cannot do that not because I am attached to anything but because I know the highest cost for Goodwill is trash disposal. And I don't want them filling the landfills with my junk either.

I think it is good that I am getting away for 2 weeks as a forced vacation from refusing to accept baby steps.

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sherry said...

Not to open a wound, but as a child care person:

Save the engagement picture for your son. Put it in an envelope deep in a underwear drawer and save it for the times he wonders if his parents loved each other.....and so he knows that he came from that love.


Kathrynzj said...


There is an over-abundance of proof of such love in a chest kept for exactly such an occasion. One of the only pics I actually did get rid of is the one of his current wife dancing with her youth group at our wedding.

sherry said...

You are a great mom.

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