Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Note To Local Ministerium

The 'buzz' is that you wish more of the younger clergy would join you and your important work of meetings and minutes taking. Yet when I came into this area I received no invitation letter/postcard/email/phone call.

A few months afterwards I did receive an emailed invitation to preach at the Thanksgiving Eve service, something anyone in the 'biz' knows is assigned to newbies because no one else wants to do it.

You'll excuse me if I refrain from paying my $50 fee for the honor of gathering in a cold fellowship hall at 6:30 in the morning to hang with the age 60+ balding white male clergy of the month club.

As you were.


Anonymous said...

They make you pay to join the ministerium? That's the first time I have EVER heard of that!

I am surprised that with that attitude they would let a "non-member" preach.

Gord said...

Many Ministerials I know of have a membership fee. Most of them it is actually a fee for the church not for individuals. There was one here but about a decade ago they realized they weren't spending the money so stopped collecting the fee.

And welcoming? Well at least yours meets...(mind you I sometimes think that not meeting is a blessing as well since I appear to be in a far different theological world than the others)

Songbird said...

I can't believe they charge a fee. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

wow. hospitality, huh?
I would like your input on something at my place, if you have a chance. TY.

Cheesehead said...

This is why I formed my own damn group, the Tuesday Morning Preacher Posse.

Rev Kim said...

Count me in the, "they make you pay?" group.

Our local ministerium is meeting this afternoon. The "head" of the group is a retired priest, who is anxious to have new pastors join the group. Except, as I know from experience, when one of these new pastors suggests a new idea(s) for projects we could actually be doing in the community, he is ready with lots of reasons why it won't work. So we finally just stop suggesting, sit there, and listen to him hold court.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest before this afternoon.

Mark Smith said...

I think you may have taken care of the need to open invitations in the future. :-)

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Give 'em hell Z! I don't even know if there is some kind of ministerium here and I've been here nearly 4 years!