Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'll Miss it When...

I'll miss it when he says, "Mom, it's foggy outside" instead of, "Mommy! There's froggy out!"

I'll miss it when he says, "I want to go barefoot!" rather than, "Can I wear my bad-bad feet?"

I'll miss it when he calls his classmate, "Christopher" instead of "Chrifoster" and he says "hospital" instead of "hustable."

I'll miss it when it's 1-2-three instead of 1-2-free.

I'll miss it when he tries to hide me from his friends rather than proudly pointing me out and telling his friends, "That's my Mommy."

I'll miss it when he slams the door as he gets out of the car and runs off to be with his friends rather than holding onto my hand excitedly skipping and hopping his way into swim lesson.

All of these moments and more I try to burn into my brain so that I can access them at times that are sure to come in our future when I am not his candidate for 'Best Mommy Ever' and he is not my candidate for 'Cutest Little Boy on the Planet'.

You think time goes quickly and then you have a child and you learn what 'warp speed' really means. Full day Kindergarten begins for us soon enough and I know what that kind of schedule brings.

I look forward to what the future has in store for both of us, but more than ever I try to take time to enjoy those everyday life moments where no camera is present but good memories are made just the same.


reverendmother said...

I'm so happy that C's "renember" is still hanging on.

So true and this all hits home. I haven't been blogging as much about their antics and I am terrified that it's all going to fall out of my head, that obscure Friends quotes will persist but the basic details of my kids will be long gone.

Jennifer said...

He's the angel boy of the universe
(That's what we call excellent good boys around here.)

St. Casserole said...

Yep, they grow up quickly.
He's adorable...

Mary Beth said...

So glad you are savoring it and sharing it with us. Love.