Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time Management... A Ramble

I have signed up for a time management webinar. Since it will take an hour to watch it, I feel a bit like the person who pays hundreds of dollars for a pamphlet on how to save money, but I need a hint - any hint - on how to get at least half of it done. It would also help if I knew what 'it' is.

I now know why so many in the generation before me (okay, mostly men) lost themselves in their 60+ hour church work week leaving their spouses (okay, mostly women) and children to fend for themselves. Didn't Paul AND Jesus warn us about trying to have families in the midst of this ministry thing?

I want to be ahead so that our church musician and associates have plenty of time to prepare their pieces in worship and liturgy can become more creative, rather than typed into the bulletin straight from a book due to time constraints.

I want to pick my head up from the demands of the urgent in order to see the visions and dreams of the future.

I want to visit with folks in the congregation when they're not in the hospital so that I will be a person of trust when crisis comes.

I want to meet consistently with my staff members corporately and individually so that we have a foundation of trust to work together in good times and in bad.

I want to start rebuilding pieces of the foundation of this church's ministry that are missing so that we can make bolder leaps into who it is God is calling us to be.

I want to understand the Treasurer's report. (I get pages 1-4, but 5-6 continue to befuddle me. And I think the Treasurer likes it that way :)

I also want to get to the gym.

I want to continue the process of transforming this new house into a home.

I want to get back in touch with my long, lost friends by phone rather than facebook and twitter and an occassional text.

And most importantly I want to raise and love my son.

i don't want much, really. ::shakes head knowingly::

I realize my wants are right on target with all of us living our lives and our vocations as faithfully as possible. As I've begun the conversation with the leadership of the congregation about the difference between what is important (just about everything) and what are our priorities, I've realized that this is an exercise that could help me in my own mission - personal and professional. I should sit down and figure out what those priorities are.

If only I had the time.



Songbird said...

Take the time. It's like keeping a tidy desk. You have to take the time to sort through, but then you know where you are and what needs to happen next. You can do it! And if you and the leadership all do it together, even better.

Juniper said...

hey there, so I am 2 years into a new job - not as big as you, but still felt big to me - and I spent the whole first year feeling like this. I think it just gets easier - the triage, I mean, and you get a better sense of what the real priorities are over time. I did find that taking 1/2 hour every week to clean my desk and make a list for the next week has saved lots of time - and I'm not naturally a neat or organized person.

God_Guurrlll said...

Prayers ascending!

Curate Karen said...

Great post! I find it helpful just to know that this is a common experience! Please pass on any distilled wisdom that you find out...

zorra said...

I think that all of your goals can be accomplished, except for understanding the Treasurer's report...

mid-life rookie said...

Thinking of you in this endeavor. Let us know if the webinar helps. I might sign up!

Jennifer said...

I continue to have the same frustrations and laments as you describe, but I do find that some careful planning and a few key practices (basic worship planning a quarter or a season at a time and setting times and dates for enrichment) help a lot. I hope you'll share what you learn from le webinar!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I so hear you! "Working smart" is what my clergy coach calls it, but I still don't have it down. And I don't have kids at home to think about (although I DO still need to take care of myself).

Good luck, and do pass on your distilled wisdom!