Thursday, December 17, 2009

If Obits Were Real

As seen on Facebook:

Martin S. Zucker joined the Church Triumphant earlier this week where his daughters are quite sure he has filled his plate at the heavenly banquet buffet and sat down next to the punch bowl.
He is enjoying his meal all while raising his glass, shaking the ice in what he considered to be the universal symbol for 'bring me more diet coke” thankful that there they know how generous a tipper he is.

Born as a first generation Jewish-American in Brooklyn, NY he was an avid Brooklyn Dodgers fan holding onto the dream that they just might change their minds and move back. Although he converted to Christianity his girls like to say, “you can take the Jew out of Brooklyn, but....”
Never was this more evident than when it came to procuring gifts. These legendary items include the banjo-playing, singing stuffed Christmas rat (with sunglasses), a “god-awful, plastic pantsuit”, and his family's all time favorite: a mural-sized, framed, tableau of the Lord's Supper by Michelangelo AS PORTRAYED by the men in our local church during the Tennebrae service.

Jesus made him leave it at the Gates.

Always entertaining on car rides his favorite activities were riding in the passenger seat using his fake brake to ward off cars in a 5 mile radius, flicking his hands at slow cars that dared to block our path and reading billboard signs and gas prices... out loud. On a ride to Pennsylvania to Florida he announced the gas price 24 times. His son-in-law won the family's over/under.

Marty was well-known for his bellowed statements of joy. There was not a glass of Diet Coke that wasn't met with an overstated “Aaaaahhhh!” or a plate of food that was not met with a, “This is really good! No really! Have you tasted it yet?” He welcomed everyone trying to determine whether to sit on the bride's side or the groom's side at his youngest daughter's wedding with, “Sit wherever you like, we're all family now!!!” And when the clambake was revealed the entire northeastern corridor was informed, “It's like a Rhode Island luau!”
Of course he was a little antsy, having been in his tuxedo since breakfast... for a 5pm wedding.

There are many friends of both girls who have Marty stories to tell. A good amount of them cannot be told here.

One of the family's favorite stories is when he bought them a cake because they were all coming into town. It was a small cake (better bargain) that he had the bakery department squeeze the words: 'To life, love and prosperity'. Life – because he had just recovered from heart surgery. Love – because Miriam was bringing her boyfriend over for the first time (they had been dating 2 weeks and Marty had already implored him to “take care of my daughter!”) and Prosperity – because Kathryn had a new job. Unfortunately they ran out of cake to write the message on.

Good cake. Ridiculous message. Typical Dad.

Marty is survived by the stories that create belly laughs, the confidence that his support instilled in his daughters and his 500 pound cat, Pumpkin. He is also survived by his wife, Peg 'the Gentile', and his two daughters who are grateful that he met and loved their sons and that they can count themselves among the lucky ones who had a Dad who told them repeatedly how much he loved them and supported them no matter what they did in life - cliché #1.

P.S. Gas was $2.44 at the new Sheetz and $2.45 at the Hess.


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Kathryn said...

Not for the first time, I'm reminded of just how splendid you are. you make him so real - busy wishing I'd met him. Hugs and prayers to you, my friend xxx

God_Guurrlll said...

Oh God,

You now delight in the company of your son Martin. Heaven is a better place because he now resides with you and all the saints.

It is hard for those he left behind to imagine a life without his physical presence. Pour your healing spirit upon them and let them know that he will always be in their hearts.


Songbird said...

It's easy to see how you developed your sense of humor!

Quotidian Grace said...

What a wonderful life and obit! Thanks for sharing these memories of your father with us.

DogBlogger said...

Absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad you wrote the real one. I never met him, but it's obvious here what a joy your dad was.

zorra said...

As my aunt Agnes would say, all the Zuckers in heaven are having a party tonight.
Grace and peace to all who love and miss this wonderful man.

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Tatusko Family said...

He always had a way to make me laugh. I'll always giggle when I read the price of gas outloud.

And my word verification is "pingle." I know he'd find a way to use that in a sentence for me.

Rev Dr Mom said...

A wonderful tribute to your dad. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

St. Inuksuk said...

What a wonderful, delightful celebration of life! Peace be with you and your family. Nothing better than a life well-lived. The saints in light are having a ball!!!

SingingOwl said...

That was really a delight!

Jennifer said...

Dear Kathryn,
My mom was a first generation, Jewish American, Brooklyn, NY and Brooklyn Dodgers fan. She, too, is a member of a heavely chorus. I hope our good flks get to meet, clink a glass and laugh about their clergy daughters... mazel tov.